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Poem: I found myself today


I found myself today
When I least expected it
In the last place I’d look

I found me
Would you believe it… 33 more words


Connected Concepts

I exist. Existence is nothing but change. All change is interconnected, and comes from what is. All that is, comes from Tao. Mindfulness is an unconditional awareness of what is.

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Relationship with Aliveness

Still thinking about yesterday’s post on what is important and being able to build your life around the answer. I said “my spirituality is most important….my relationship to spirit trumps all other relationships.” 148 more words


ahhhhhhhhhhh ...........

Tears flowed last night.

I do not cry often. Although I’m uniquely and extremely sensitive, I’m also a trooper. A survivor. A sensitive soul toughened up by life by necessity. 574 more words

Noisy Neighbor

3 Emergency Online Stress-busters

So I’m sitting at home, waiting for a potentially very difficult business call…I should add, I’m recovering from an operation at the moment and really only capable of doing a small amount of work each day. 475 more words


Productive Focus.

Constantly focusing on what is wrong, gives us more of what’s wrong.
It embeds what’s wrong.

Instead, look for what is working.
Devote your time, energy, and heart to duplicating that. 20 more words