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Know Yourself

You are not one drop in the Universe.
You are the ENTIRE Universe, in one drop.


Texting to Enlightenment? Spiritual Practice on the Go

Not to fear, I don’t text while driving, cycling, or walking for that matter. But after getting an iPhone after years of resisting (and recoiling from texting… 631 more words


Eidetic Memory

the fields of vision blossoming,
time’s familiar relativity: as the
singular frames resolve within
themselves like the deliberate
completion of a thought, drawn
to its natural conclusion, release, 22 more words


Wild Garden 2

Another picture of a wild garden, the kind that creates and sustains itself.

I like such natural gardens as much as the regular ones, and wildflowers also have their own special beauty. 9 more words


Entities of Light- Arches National Park 04

This is the final set of images from Arches National Park.

To Life


Rock On Here Now

My Zen reminder.

This blog strictly with the Home Team of F,S&HG!
Honing Discernment, Informing Choice.
Challenge but not hurt feelings.
If its out there & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect? 9 more words

Commercial Art

Don’t fabricate any things with the six senses

Putting aside all concerns, shed all attachments. Do nothing at all. Don’t fabricate any things with the six senses. If you want to clarify the mind-ground, give up your jumble of limited knowledge and interpretation, cut off thoughts of usualness and holiness, abandon all delusive feelings. 49 more words