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Robert was right

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (ZMM: by Robert Pirsig, 1974) remains one of my favourite books.

It’s such a profound treasure that even stating what it’s about is difficult. 1,078 more words

Burning the Candle At Both Ends

Hi Everyone,

In the past month or so, I’ve been participating in two Buddhist groups: one Jodo Shinshu (the temple in Seattle) and an online Zen sangha that’s pretty well-known. 348 more words


Myriad things

That you carry yourself forward and experience the myriad things is delusion.

That the myriad things come forward and experience themselves is awakening.

Dogen Zenji



Those who know do not talk

~ Lao Tzu ~ Tao Te Ching ~

The disciples were absorbed in a discussion of Lao Tzu’s dictum:
“Those who know do not talk. Those who talk do not know.”
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Don’t argue your path with other people

Don’t argue your path with other people. Walk it. ~The Lazy Yogi

The Path of the Mystic


Your true home

“Your true home is in the here and the now. It is not limited by time, space, nationality, or race. Your true home is not an abstract idea. 20 more words