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Zen Quote

It has been said that if you could become another person for even a few moments, you would probably become enlightened. So, strong is our attachment to the idea of who we are that even the smallest jolt out of it can have an immense effect. 32 more words


Full Moon Wooo?

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Turn On, Tune In, Be Still…..
Honing Discernmet. Informing Choice.
Challenge but not hurt feelings.
If its out there & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect?

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Pic & A Line

What is Buddhist practice?

(Lees in het Nederlands)

David Brazier – a Buddhist priest from England, known for his very interesting writings on Zen Buddhism and psychotherapy – put us on the spot during a weekend Zen retreat. 710 more words


It would be nice if we could have a Weirdstorm Weather Report alerting us to upcoming domino effects of distraction and discord.

A friend of mine mentioned this week that it’s been seeming very hard to keep up with communications for the past little while. I’ve felt it too, as you could see from the fact I’ve decided that I needn’t force a post every single day if I’m just not feeling one. 75 more words


The Goal is Zen

Alright so a couple things. First, changed the layout of my blog. Thought it could use a bit of a change and I hope you all like it. 693 more words



It turns out I’m not the only fan of Matthew McConaughey. While watching the latest episode of Parks and Recreation during… um… I mean after work, I found out Leslie and Ben were going to have triplets. 195 more words

Matthew Mcconaughey

(Nobody really knows) what they are doing

“Nobody really knows what they are doing” – Conan O`Brien
to James Lipton explaining the advice he gives to new interns on producing his show…
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