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Twin Girls.....

Welcome to the World little girls. It’s amazing to watch baby goats right after they are born, standing within moments. I stayed back and watched. Ophelia is a wonderful mother goat.


this blog thing

Here is the first post of my Zen blog. There is no saying as to what this blog is trying to achieve, perhaps only to document so-called (nonexistent) “progress”. 319 more words


无为 Wu wei

Without force, the sun rises. As it fills our days with light.

Giving way to the dark night, as it bows its head beneath the clouds. 6 more words

Consciousness is like a mirror

Like a mirror

Nothing is actually added to it and nothing is taken away

For everything is just a transient reflection

Of the equally transient reality… 32 more words



não. amor não é fogo que arde sem se ver. é lembrança de que já fomos um só e sentimento que se constrói a cada dia. 265 more words



starched remnants converse


Where Should I Go For A Detoxing Holiday?

The Christmas and New Year season may now be behind us, but for many, the after effects of over-indulging still linger on.

For those looking to re-balance their mind, body and soul after an over-indulgent summer season, Adventure World have come up with their top five picks of the best detox getaways – the holidays that’ll help you press your ‘reset’ button, cleanse your system and burn off those few extra kilos that slowly crept up on you over the festive break. 350 more words