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How to install Zend Framework 2 in ubuntu

1)Getting started: A skeleton application

Luckily the people from Zend provide a Skeleton application as starting point. Therefore, you do not need to create the project setup from scratch. 442 more words

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How to use Zend Framework 2 Tool

ZFTool is an utility module for maintaining modular Zend Framework 2 applications. It runs from the command line and can be installed as ZF2 module or as PHAR. 312 more words

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The "gotchas" of running Zend Framework 2 on older versions of Zend Server for IBM i - ZF2 skeleton Application

Have you tried the ZF2 skeleton Application on PHP on the IBM i and have run into issues getting it to work since your on ZS 5.5, 6.x and are unable to upgrade to ZS7 at the moment? 1,114 more words


Bye Bye Zend Framework. Hello LARAVEL!

I like Zend Framework 1. Forms are a little awkward, but have robust validation and reasonable formatting options. Plug-ins and helpers are a bit of a pain, as there seems to be several different approaches/conventions depending on what kind of plug-in you are using. 364 more words


Elastic Email Smtp API Wrapper class

Click on link below to get fully featured Elastic Email SMTP API Class
written in PHP

features supported yet
1. send/schedule email
2. create subscribers list… 593 more words

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Why to use Framework in PHP ?

<?php $are_you_a = $_POST['man']; ?>
/* by unknown */


A Framework is a universal, reusable software platform to develop software applications, products and solutions. In other words, we can say it is some kind of library, a piece of software, which provide web developers with code base and consistent standardized ways of creating web applications.

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