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The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.3 features a number of fixes to existing content, mainly focusing on systems and quests that were blocking progression. We’re working hard to resolve other issues we know you’re eager to see fixed, and we’ll let you know when they’re addressed. 868 more words


Cosmic's Elder Scrolls Online Review

Cosmic takes a look at the new MMO the Elder Scrolls Online


Craglorn: ESO's First Adventure Zone !

Now I know why we sub now ! Thank you Zenimax Online Studios for not sitting on your hands !!!!

Craglorn is the first Adventure Zone coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. 52 more words

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Elder Scrolls Online - Night filled with dungeon runs !

ESO is way better than the beta, after lvl 10 the game is on fire. The story quest ,crafting,dungeons, PvP and joining guilds to do quest for is top notch !! 64 more words


Elder Scrolls Online - Guide To Racial Skills Per Alliance

Elder Scrolls Online – Guide To Racial Skills Per Alliance

My game guide for GameSkinny.com.

Breakdown of ESO‘s three alliances, their races, and their respective passive abilities.

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Heroes save the world, and others pay the price in The Elder Scrolls Online (review)

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When I first heard about The Elder Scrolls Online, the most important question I had as a devout fan of The Elder Scrolls series was whether or not a massively multiplayer online game could possibly live up to the standards of what I consider some of the best single-player role-playing games ever made. 4,168 more words


Review: Elder Scrolls Online, Part Two

Part one covered the broad strokes, now it’s time to dive into the details. ESO is, like most MMOs, a very complex game. Different parts will have different appeal to different people. 890 more words