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Bride-to-be says she'll leave her fiance on Earth!

‘Til Mars do us part! Bride-to-be says she will leave her fiance on Earth if she’s selected to live on the red planet FOREVER as part of a reality TV show… 783 more words

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What Happens When You Ride the Vomit Comet?

Spotted this video on the BBC website. Thought they explained how the Vomit Comet works really well. I’ve actually been on this plane twice, the most recent being last summer. 205 more words


Kate Upton in zero gravity

A photoshoot by sports illustrated has sent Kate Upton up in the air in the zero gravity plane.

Kate Upton

CASIS Seeking New Proposals for Enabling Technologies at ISS; Cancer Cell Research in Zero G


First, an interesting story regarding the observation that certain tumor cells which grow aggressively and are difficult to treat on Earth, appear to be a bit more docile in the environment of Zero-G.   437 more words


Viernes de... Kate Upton y Zero G

¡Viernes! día en que empieza nuestro fin de semana y es por eso que lo celebraremos de una manera muy especial, ¿Cómo? con un Viernes de… Kate Upton. 47 more words

Kate Upton

Podcast Season 2 Episode 36: GOP goes LGBT, US goes Super G & Upton's Ds go Zero G!

Man, just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier around here, along comes the internet to up the ante. We have it all tonight, from zero gravity breasts to tornados being classified as terrorist weapons of mass destruction to Miley Cyrus eating a thong thrown on stage. 450 more words

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