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Sasuke's Sharingan Ability! Obito and Sakura - Naruto 685

Naruto 685 reveals Sasuke’s Sharingan abilities and how can use it, to which he has the ability to replace transport himself from one point another, replacing the subject he has chosen to transport to. 712 more words

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Naruto's Clones! Plan To Save Sasuke - Naruto 684

Naruto 684 gets underway to which Naruto pops out hundreds of his clones allowing him to use them to bash onto Kaguya all at once, this in turn allows for Obito to use Kaguya’s exit to allow him to transport himself to a different dimension. 738 more words

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Naruto and Sasuke Split! Kaguya's Godly Powers - Naruto 682

Naruto 682 surprises as Naruto and Sasuke’s both perform a move by which Naruto has been practising even more than his Rasengan, to be revealed the male version of his Sexy No Jutsu. 605 more words

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Zetsu's Plans and Kaguya's Tears! - Naruto 681

Naruto 681 calms down a little to reveal that Zetsu was behind everything from the moment Kaguya was sealed up by Hagoromo and Hamura. Zetsu who was formed from Kaguya set out to plan and bring back Kaguya to which he used all his tricks in order to revive the Rinnegan to use for Kaguya’s revival using Madara. 778 more words

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Kaguya Ootsutsuki Revived! White Zetsu Puppets - Naruto 679

Naruto 679 gets wicked as Kaguya Ootsutsuki has been revived and brought forward only using her will from Black Zetsu, she goes a head to notice that Naruto is Ashura and Sasuke being Indra. 606 more words

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Oh no...

Any prediction couldn’t have been predict what had actually happened in the last chapter. I don’t want to think that it was Madara’s last chpater. And what is Kishimoto trying? 81 more words


Kaguya's Will! Madara's Infinite Tsukuyomi - Naruto 678

Naruto 678 see’s everyone dreaming their own happiness as it seems to have come true for them, on top of this the jutsu fades when Black Zetsu holding Kaguya’s Will traps Madara until he seems to slowly be taken over. 664 more words

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