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Y To Z in Washington (and Toppenish too) October 20 (Day 49)

Yakima was a familiar name, since Michael’s brother has a big Yakima ski rack on the roof of his car. (The original Yakimas did come from Yakima.) Zillah was a new name for us and Toppenish was an unexpected treat. 808 more words

Smell The Roses

D&D Chronicles: Zillah becomes a sell-sword with dire consequence


Well, that’s one weight off my mind. We’re finally free of the left Eye of Varrien. We gave it up to the Church of Elloran for the paltry sum of 20 gold pieces. 985 more words

Ellen Gregory

Sip Sip Bite Sip

Every month, one of my coworkers and I have a meeting about an hour away from our office, and it’s a tradition for us to go wine-tasting on the way home to unwind and experience a little bit of Columbia Basin culture. 590 more words

D&D Chronicles: The Eye goes south


We have retrieved the Eye of Varrien. A very good night’s work indeed. We’re now lying low in the river town of Port Lead trying to figure out what in the name of all the gods we should do with it. 1,023 more words

Ellen Gregory

D&D Chronicles: What was lost is now found

It’s all happening in our Dungeons and Dragons game at the moment. All. Happening.

The previous two posts gave alternate accounts of how we first found and then lost the… 1,215 more words

Ellen Gregory

D&D Chronicles: The (left) Eye of Varrien

Today Calwyn, rat-fearing magic-user and master strategist, is my guest-blogger extraordinaire. Calwyn is the only living character of our original D&D party (not counting the first group of dunces who got themselves killed all together in our second session), and as such holds all the memories of past adventures and accumulated clues about the Eye of Varrien. 884 more words


D&D Chronicles: In the depths of the barrow is a wurm and an Eye


After our encounter with the wraith last evening, we are solemn and wary as we break camp in the dim shadows of dawn. We know what we are about do is dangerous, but all signs indicate the Eye of Varrien (or one of them, at least) lies within the barrow yonder… and to retrieve it is our quest. 1,128 more words

Ellen Gregory