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How the Media is Abusing Alan Henning’s Ordeal to Push Neocon Policy

Alan Henning’s capture and video, as intended by whoever is orchestrating these videos, has caused much shock.  Whilst I can labour on at how each child in Gaza who has been blown to smithereens using Western-supplied arms also had a mother, father and siblings, and how the death of British doctor Dr Abbas Khan in a Syrian prison was not met with… 853 more words

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We need to reclaim the word Zionist

The Jew-haters have kidnapped the word ‘Zionist’ and changed the meaning of it. It is utterly important that we all do our best to reclaim the word. 113 more words

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Indictment in case of US citizen beaten by Israeli soldiers an anomaly

By Jessica Purkiss | MEMO | September 16, 2014

Last Wednesday Israeli Police filed an indictment against an officer who was filmed beating Tariq Abu Khdeir, a 15 year old Palestinian-American teenager from Florida.

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Forget Pinkwashing; Israel Has a Lavender Scare

By Corey Robin | September 17, 2014

Speaking of McCarthyism, 43 veterans of an elite Israeli intelligence unit have not only come out against Israel’s treatment of Palestinians but declared that they will no longer “take part in the state’s actions against Palestinians.” The intelligence on Palestinians that they gathered, they claim, “is used for political persecution,” which “does not allow for people to lead normal lives, and fuels more violence, further distancing us from the end of the conflict.” According to the…

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism


Brought together by LAVI OLAMI, the ALLIANCE FOR NEW ZIONIST VISION is a coalition of grassroots movements committed to inspiring a new vision for our current chapter of Jewish history. 78 more words



LAVI OLAMI is a student-led movement committed to identifying where we currently find ourselves in Jewish history, what national aspirations have yet to be fulfilled and how we as individuals can participate in the story of our people. 72 more words


"They Lied About...."

And the moral of this story is: America’s “leaders,” and their owners an operators, are all LIARS, and always have been!