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Reason of existance of this blog.

There might be some confusion towards the reasons of the existence of such a page. Let us start by telling you the reasons. Currently and since World War II, our social and political world has been experiencing severe nationalism in many areas due to the existence of nations and countries that are willing to butcher the civilians of their enemies to get what they want when it comes to land, money and spoken power. 67 more words


Why Israeli Officials are Chuckling: The ‘Stable’ West Bank Dilemma

PA police coordinate with Israeli border police to control Palestinian access to Jerusalem at the Bethlehem checkpoint. (Photo: ActiveStills.org)
By Ramzy Baroud | Palestine chronicle | April 16, 2014…
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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

Canada plans Israel's proxy war in Syria

Canada’s prime minister, otherwise known as Israeli poodle, proves his government’s 101% subservience to Canadian Jewish Lobby and state of Israel. In fact, Canada’s political system has been… 245 more words

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The Valley of the Dry Bones and the Advent of the Redemption, Part 3

The following is from an article by Rabbi Meir Soloveichik, a great-nephew of Rabbi Joseph Soloveichik: 

… The redemption cannot take place without repentance; the messiah will not come unless we are deserving of his arrival. 778 more words

The Valley of the Dry Bones and the Advent of the Redemption, Part 2

Two years ago, I was asked to translate the Hebrew textbook Emuna Ug’ula, “Faith and Redemption”, for the native-English-speaking community of high school students in Israel. 2,006 more words

PressTV: Former Australian foreign minister exposes Zionist lobby power

Israel flag

Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:1PM GMT

By Brandon Martinez

Fact Corner

  • Brandon Martinez writes that according to Bob Carr Israel lobby has “extraordinary” and “unhealthy” influence in Australian politics.
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Israeli forces injure 30 Palestinians in al-Aqsa

Press TV – April 16, 2014

Israeli forces have shot and wounded at least 30 Palestinians in the al-Aqsa Mosque in East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Local sources said that clashes erupted between the Israeli forces and Palestinian worshippers in the mosque compound when Israeli settlers entered the holy site on Wednesday.

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism