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Mr. ZIP And The Zip Code Turned 51!

How Much Do You Think About ZIP Codes?

It’s just a string of numbers you add to your letters, cards and packages, right?

There is a whole history, and a pretty cute character, that helped educate your parents and grand parents on how to use these codes and improve mail service. 220 more words


ZipKode: 97140

This zip code belongs to the town of Sherwood, Oregon. It is located just outside Portland, so locating big stores isn’t hard. To the west is Willamette Valley wine country. 92 more words

ZipKode Of The Day


Today’s ZipKode isn’t the most interesting place ever. ZipKode 45144 covers the area of Adams County Ohio. The largest town in Adams County is Manchester. Manchester isn’t a very big town but  it still has it upsides. 58 more words

ZipKode Of The Day


This ZipKode belongs to the town of Westcliffe. It is a small tourist town in Colorado, US. It is nestled in the Wet Mountains, in a gorgeous valley filled with wild flowers and flowing wheat fields. 177 more words

ZipKode Of The Day

Happy Birthday ZIP Code!

On July 1, 1963, the United States Postal Service introduced the 5 digit system to help ease the job of processing mail. ZIP is actually an acronym meaning Zone Improvement Plan, but also serves the purpose of reminding people that using the ZIP code helps the mail move through the system faster (i.e. 101 more words


How many zip codes in us ?

Information  gathering from  Geographical Statistics in the United States.

There are over 42,000 ZIP codes in the United States.

See more details here:  Zip-codes

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