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Zithering with Leo

Though I can scrounge up no personal memory of actually hearing my great-grandpa Leo play the zither, I have long known that he did. PerhapsĀ his hands were no longer dexterous enough to play by the time I came along. 489 more words

Lessiack People

Sunday Morning / House of Hammond

Sunday morning dawns musical, always. Even in the coldest weather, the birds sing clearly in the early quiet hours of a Sunday morning. I can hear them in the trees: their quavering voices penetrate the ice-cold windowpanes, and birdsong fills the rooms of this tree-house of an apartment. 1,143 more words

The Life of Oswald Bilston

One of the most famous members of the Bilston clan, Oswald is now perhaps remembered more for his unfortunate end than for the contribution he made to academic life throughout the twentieth century. 3,745 more words

Odds And Sods