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What Are the Best Jobs For Your Zodiac Sign?-ad

What Are the Best Jobs For Your Zodiac Sign?-ad

Having trouble deciding what career path is best for you? Perhaps your Zodiac sign has the answers you are looking for! 74 more words


The Creation of the World

Giovanni di Paolo: The Creation of the World and the Expulsion from Paradise, 1445


Taurus quotes

Such a lie… I hate bullshit, I can spot it and keep my mouth shut. But man I loose respect for the person.

Totally untrue, as soon as I really like a guy I end up in messy situations because I go with my heart and make mistakes. 456 more words


Leo ... The Lion

I’m not sure but the first thing I did this morning is to read about my zodiac sign LOL… well, just a random thought that somehow made me smile.   2,072 more words

Me, Myself & I

Superhero Zodiac Signs List Part 1


Superman is a Cancer- Caring, loyal, dependable,caring responsive. They are lovers and are willing to stay with one women. The guys are very patient and are very caring towards their love ones.They carry morals and strong beliefs and are usually iconic figures to others. 764 more words

Heads Up!Will be doing Dc Heroes Zodiac!

Be prepared to find out which character is under your zodiac sign.These are based of my opinions as to which zodiac best suits the characters I will be evaluating.Just keep this in mind. 38 more words

Aries - The Ram (me)

There’s this horoscope-ish account thing on twitter that I ‘ve followed several weeks ago…..it is all about Aries….actually….all about Aries’s personality.

It say Aries people are very emotional. 1,456 more words