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A born fighter,

A provider.

Not a control-freak,

And mindless risks not his seek.

The zealous goat chases his dreams like a buzzing bee

Bustling about for nectar, 83 more words

Virgo Problems #1 - Losing Interest and having too much desire

“Virgos can’t wait around for too long. They’ll end up losing interest. If  a Virgo puts his or her mind to it and want it,  they’ll want it now.” ~ … 325 more words

It's tough being a Virgo.

It’s been a while since i posted and i guess that’s a good thing in a way… Nothing to anger or rant about for a change! 539 more words


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True, so true!

Bonnie & Clyde Its a Venus Square Pluto affair

I just finished watching Bonnie and Clyde on Netflix; I saw the original film and Bonnie & Clyde on Broadway what can I say I like tragic romances, that ride to you die sort of love. 401 more words


Zodiac Sign: I'm Cancerian ~

Cancerian ~

People, who are born between June 21st to July 22nd fall under the Cancer star. The sign of Cancer is symbolized by crab. Members of this sign are emotional creatures. 1,211 more words


30DB: 15. Horoscope and my personality?

Let me start off by saying that I do not follow horoscopes, etc.  I think it’s crazy to believe that all the people born between a certain set of dates would have the same personalities.  699 more words