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GROUP GIFT @ Zoe's Garden Cookie Jar

Here is another 4th of July GROUP GIFT from Zoe’s Garden, this time at the Cookie Jar location. Come and grab it!

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Happy 4th of July from Zoe's Garden!

Zoe’s Garden has a 4th of July GROUP GIFT for you in the lobby of the store, so hurry in to pick it up! Happy 4th!

"zoe's Garden"

Midsummer Night's Dream @ Zoe's Garden

The Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt is on now, with multiple short paths. Zoe’s Garden has a lovely Woodland Lounge for you intrepid hunters, have fun!

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Zoe's Garden @ The Cookie Jar $10L Sales Garden

Zoe’s Garden has five offerings at the Cookie Jar $10L Sales Garden, so grab a tiny bit of money and go shopping! Don’t miss the Anniversary Gift Table while you’re there.

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Silk Road Hunt 5 @ Zoe's Garden

It is time for the 5th Silk Road Hunt, and Zoe’s Garden has a main gift, as well as two extras, if you want to keep hunting. Enjoy!

Zoe's Garden

Zoe's Garden @ The Candy Factory

It is the one year anniversary at the Candy Factory, and Zoe’s Garden has a free gift, as well as some sand related offerings. Enjoy!


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