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Onto Number 2

Well, i’m onto medication number 2 for my depression and anxiety. Lexapro helped me but I didn’t get full results beyond the partial reaction I was getting and I still was very depressed at times so now we have switched to Zoloft. 176 more words

Zoloft reviews?

My mom recently got me Zoloft to try and I’m terrified of all the side effects. I said before that I’ve tried prozac, xanax, magnesium supplements, dietary supplements, and currently taking passion flower. 64 more words


January 25th: Coming down (and it's not nice)

About two years ago, I sought medical help for anxiety and depression. I’d put it off for years, trying many holistic methods to alleviate my symptons, but it wasn’t until I started taking sertraline, that I realised it was a proper chemical imbalance going on in my brain. 239 more words

Officially off the meds

Three weeks ago, my therapist and I discussed my plan to switch to Wellbutrin because the Zoloft all but killed my libido, but I also told him that I was playing with the idea of going completely off. 568 more words


My middle and high school years playing Runescape

Hi guys, my name is Robert. I’m currently taking Zoloft for my depression, but before I talk about that I wanna start off from the beginning. 262 more words


Tinnitus causes: Could my antidepressant be the culprit?

Mayo Clinic psychiatrist  Daniel Hall-Flavin, M.D., answers:

Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) can be caused by many medications, including antidepressants such as Zoloft. If your antidepressant causes tinnitus, switching to another medication may alleviate the problem. 105 more words


Double Check Everything!

Greetings, my readers!

I intended to make this post about the changes that will be coming, but I found out something tonight that I just had to talk about. 1,056 more words