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It's starting to feel a lot like anxiety ♫

Today I went into the city with my boyfriend to help him buy some makeup as a Christmas present for his sister. I personally don’t celebrate Christmas and make the choice not to exchange gifts. 388 more words


Racism and Ableism and Zoloft, oh my!

Exhausted. Starting Zoloft tomorrow. No other med changes just in case something happens. My psychiatrist will be away for four weeks. I hope it works. I really hope it changes something. 383 more words


To Drug... or Not to Drug...

Ominous, I know. ;P But seriously, that’s the choice I faced recently… and against all my ‘better’ judgments, I decided to try drugs. Sertraline to be specific… though you’re likely to recognize it more by its ‘Street Name’, … 580 more words


Updating the Zofties

Hey Zofties,

I’m still haven’t mastered the art of introducing my post.. I know, I know an awesome writer such as myself has not figured out how to introduce a blog.. 714 more words

Medicated for the holidays

The other day I watched The Green Mile for the first time in my life. I sat down with my box of tissues in hand and expected to have my world absolutely wrecked by emotion. 530 more words


Day 1 - Zoloft (Setraline) 150mg

Day one back on 150 mg of Zoloft (Sertraline) and feeling a bit sick but nothing to be too concerned about. I’m so pleased this has finally happened. 175 more words

My Name Is Andrew

Smoking contributes to depression and anxiety?

How this little fact has evaded me, I don’t know. I’m 6 days off Zoloft and I’m feeling okay, not as great as I felt while taking the pill, but… 255 more words