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Have You Seen My ChildHood?

Have You Seen My Childhood???

205 Monticello Avenue was our address. If you live in Jersey City, NJ you are familiar with the building between Jewett and Fairview. 969 more words

Life and Sucide

Hey Zofties!
Tonight is a deeper post.. So if you can bare it, relax and read…
I woke up this morning very angry, very sad.. Actually, part of me didn’t want to wake up at all.. 820 more words

Sick of bullshit

Hey Zofties,

I think I said this before, but I never want the demand for fresh material to block my creativity. With that being said, the writers block that I have been experiencing has been due to the demands for production… So far, it’s been hard… Forget about my schedule, forget about my Zozo blockage… I have not felt like producing new material… … 373 more words

Day 5 - Zoloft!

I gave much thought to what I should write about today. I wanted to write something deep and profound, but I’m pretty blank right now. So, here’s what happened: 562 more words


Brain Damage From Benzodiazepines

by Christopher Lane, PhD

Brain Damage from Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Klonipin) The Troubling Facts, Risks & History

Britain’s Independent newspaper published a bombshell for psychiatry and medicine: the country’s Medical Research Council had sat on warnings 30 years earlier that benzodiazepines such as Valium and Xanax can cause brain damage. 1,405 more words


My Frustration

Hey Zofties,

I started this post the other night, but of course i was hesitant in sharing what I’m about to share…

Here it is, 829 more words

Sex. Ugh.

This weekend I’m headed back up north for fall break. And guess what? I’m probably gonna have sex. No- scratch that, I’m KNOW I’m going to have sex. 582 more words