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I’ve never felt so alone before … I have more demons in my mind than I do friends.

Lonliness is a bitch. Depression is a bitch. 66 more words

Day/Night 2 of Zoloft

I can feel my anxiety lifting a little bit. I haven’t been as absorbed and tangled in my own mind as of late, either. My mind is slowing down, so my speech is kind of mumbled.. 153 more words

My Favorite Game

Yesterday I had my first “Mental Health” appointment. It sounds ominous, but I assure you, the entire ordeal was pretty tame.

Basically, I told my doctor a couple of weeks ago that I was suffering some severe guilt over my decision to have an abortion. 330 more words

Word Diarreah...

Night 1 of Zoloft.

Too early to tell. But when I took it a couple hours later I felt really out of it. Like my thoughts were completely slowed down and almost like I was stoned, just not as severe. 20 more words

Pre-Pregnancy Bucket List: 10 things I want to do before getting Pregnant.

Before getting pregnant there are 10 key things I seek to accomplish so that the transition into parenthood is smooth and not a big “shock” to my system. 1,380 more words


It went well.

The doctors appointment went well. He medically diagnosed me with severe depression and anxiety, which I dont know why but it make me glad i’m medically diagnosed. 97 more words


At what point will I be able to look back on this abortion and think “yeah, that was the best choice, I’m glad I did that?” 256 more words

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