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At this moment I find myself watching, love and other drugs and kind of comparing the characters to recent events in my life.

The sick pitiful girl who catches the eye of a slender lean piece of man. 410 more words

Daily Thoughts

Zoloft.. wtf!

So I have had anxiety since I was 10.. never did anything about it doctors weren’t concerned.. no biggie. Well this year I started getting really bad palpitations did all sorts of test ekg, heart montior for 24 hrs etc… all except for the ultrasound of my heart (my choice..Im an idiot) they come to the conclusion it’s just severe anxiety. 157 more words



Was at the beach today with my mother and sister. The toddler joined mom in the ocean two times, and was screaming out of joy. It is so fun to see she is enjoying the water. 72 more words

Everyday Life

Quick and Dirty

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated so I’m making this one a quick and dirty bullet point list. Sorry, not sorry. Also, it’s basically all pregnancy stuff. 846 more words

I'd like to use the reset button now.

The Zoloft was a bust. Once I hit the 50mg I became more and more depressed. I could hardly stay awake for more than a few hours at a time. 263 more words

Severing the Zoloft Tie

I wrote a draft of a post last weekend describing the feeling of being at the beach here in Mexico and experiencing the random life decision I had. 500 more words

I liked it better when my car had sound.

My head is feeling a lot more clear. 

I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years last night, well OFFICIALLY broke up. We were on a hiatus where we just cuddled and kissed when we were together, but I officially broke it off after he started getting physical with me. 186 more words