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Day 8: July 11th

(Our lovely group, including Eduardo in the middle.)

In the morning we still didn’t have power, so Alicia was nice enough to make us toast and coffee on the gas stove. 737 more words

Hacking Stuff... Can Drawing be Hacked? A post in two parts.

Hacking seems to be pretty popular.

(Arguably) having begun in the domains of engineering and computing , we can now hack cooking, fitness, foreign languages and our very own lives (I’ll admit my own life is richer for being prepared for the… 485 more words


Dear Diary: Zombie Apocalypse - Entry Two

Dear Diary,

I guess I’m not as crazy as I thought. It was, in fact, on the news last night. “Terrifying man Terrorizes Town” the headline read. 1,575 more words


State of Desolation Releases New Stills

The upcoming zombie apocalypse movie has set loose a couple of new images featuring Jamie Bernadette, Sadie Katz and Craig Stark.

I’ve been intrigued about this one for a while now and I’m liking a lot of what I have seen since as stills and video diaries keep on rolling in. 163 more words


Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #120 New Arrivals in Camp, Relationship Trouble and Shack's First Zombie Kill #SHTF #TEOTWAWKI

The two new arrivals did not have anything interesting to say other than that they raided an old military museum which explains the presence of so many oddball weapons. 1,221 more words

Zombie Apocalypse

Episode 15: Perfect Execution

Episode 15: Perfect Execution

by Jory Minyen

The next morning the entire city of Aden lined the street in the center of town to see the execution of the slaver that the Skull Splitters had captured. 1,605 more words

Why I Like Zombies

Have I ever told you why I like zombies? I mean, I write my Monday Mayhem posts, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned the reason why I’m drawn to these ill-fated, putrid-smelling, bile-seeping maggot bags the media affectionately calls zombies. 556 more words