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Teutonic Terrors: German Thrash Classics

I’ve developed a bit of a thing for German thrash in the past few days. Germany do thrash better than everyone else. That’s just fact. Brazil is a close second, but Sodom, Kreator and Destruction have been, for me, much better and more consistent than any of the Big Four. 228 more words


Zombie Run Teaser 2014

Get ready for the Durban Zombie Run 2014! It’s bound to be bloodier & grosser than ever… & we can’t wait! Check out durbanite.co.za for more info! 9 more words


The Flattery Continues

The flattery has seemed to continue with the ‘you look so much better without makeup’ since I wrote my “Flattery in 3′s”. I’m going to still accept it as a compliment with the understanding that the chances are it is filled with a ball of sarcasm. 129 more words


A few links to start off:


Today I want to talk about the best zombie ‘armor’. I put armor in quotations because they don’t exactly count as armor. 565 more words


Day 1: It begins Update 1

This is a post by misanthropicxmonstrosity. They have a very, very cool story, called Degeneration. It is a really good book/story and I really recommend you guys read it. 68 more words


I Won't Be a Survivor

First off, it’s Tuesday, and on Tuesday my friend Karaboo calls me.  She drives from one work location to another and if she times it right, I’m at lunch.   401 more words