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Zombie Jesus Weed Christmas Hitler's Birthday open doors for Elijah

Today’s cosmic alignment of Passover, Easter and the modern calendar 4/20 is a conceptual blend for zombie lovers to enjoy.

Adolf Hitler was supposedly born on April 20th, 1889. 644 more words

Nerd Standard List: Characters That Came Back

The Christ-like resurrection of characters in nerd culture is a common trope. Once-deceased figures can return for any number of reasons, and in any number of forms. 488 more words

Doctor Who


Happy Zombie Jesus Day to you religious people out there.

Happy Rabbit Egg Hunting Day to you non-religious people out there.


Zombie Jesus

Happy zombie Jesus day, if I ever manage a trick like coming back from the dead you fucks better come up with something better then chocolate eggs to commemorate it. 9 more words

General Bullspit

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

He cracks the eggs with the juicy, brainy centres.

Happy Easter!


About Those "Zombie Jesus" Jokes

Warning: the following probably makes me a fuddy-duddy. (Then again, I believe using the phrase “fuddy-duddy” automatically makes you one.)

So, I’ve read and watched a LOT of zombie literature. 1,323 more words


Jesus resurrected! Zombies taste the fist of Jesus

Zombipedia recently heard some fantastic news – there is a kickstarter campaign to get an extended version of the amazing 2012 Spanish short ‘ Fist of Jesus… 106 more words