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Hugh and I: A love story.

I was 11 years old. In the clutches of puberty. Boys were starting to look like more than worthy playmates. Everything hurt.  Then, I discovered a book by chance in the library. 551 more words


Zombies on Broadway (Gordon Douglas, 1945)

RKO’s Zombies on Broadway (Gordon Douglas, 1945) is suggestive of a sequel to I Walked with a Zombie: it takes place on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Sebastian, and both Sir Lancelot and Darby Jones, more or less, recreate their roles from the earlier film, which was also an RKO production. 528 more words

Zombie Movies

Zombieland (Ruben Fleischer, 2009)

Made with a $23 million budget from Columbia Pictures, Zombieland (Ruben Fleischer, 2009) embodies the mainstream Hollywood approach to zombie cinema in that vast sums of money have been invested in the film and therefore has to have as broad appeal and little controversy as possible. 658 more words

Zombie Movies

Zombie Strippers (Jay Lee, 2008)

Often when zombies movies are played for laughs, the satire is less effective than when played straight; Dawn of the Dead works better as a satire because it’s not trying for the laughs (except maybe for the zombie pie fight at the end). 539 more words

Zombie Movies

Zombie Lake (Jean Rollin, 1981)

In Zombie Lake (Jean Rollin, 1981; originally titled le lac des morts vivants) a zombie Nazi (Pierre-Marie Escourrou), residing in the French lake where his patrol were ambushed by the Resistance, emerges to protect the daughter he never knew (Anouchkia). 99 more words

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Zombie Creeping Flesh (Bruno Mattei, 1980)

Bruno Mattei’s Zombie Creeping Flesh (1980; originally titled Virus, aka Hell of the Living Dead) demonstrates the period in Italian exploitation cinema where the cannibal filone was morphing into the zombie filone.  345 more words

Zombie Movies

Zombie 4 After Death (Claudio Fragasso, 1988)

While not the most cynical example of fraudulent marketing to have emerged from Italian B-movies, Zombie 4: After Death (Claudio Fragasso, 1989) certainly ranks up there; at least this film tries to make a connection with Fulci’s… 586 more words

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