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Friday Night Double Feature: Planet Of The Vampires/The Astro-Zombies

We are proud to announce that we are now opening a new segment every Friday with the, ‘Friday Night Double Feature’! These are just a couple of Horror or Science Fiction movies that we thought that we would recommend for you Fright fans every Friday night! 34 more words

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Every epidemiologist’s nightmare (or wet dream): Ten films about epidemics

As a public health student, the thought of an unknown pathogen causing wide-spread mania, the collapse of social order, and me left to save the world like Dr. 453 more words

12 Monkeys

'Clean Slate' For WWZ Sequel.

The Internet is pontificating and musing over the assumed possibilities of the plot direction the sequel to World War Z will take, all because of a throwaway line uttered by the movie’s screenwriter. 109 more words

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The latest zombie news

Went to the cinema last night with my mate Alex Fairfax, who’s one of the few humans who knows I’m a werewolf. (Alex has ambitions to be my Dr Watson but that’s another story.) Anyway, I was sitting in the cinema, in the dark naturally, when I realised I’d been stupid to let Alex chose the film. 182 more words

Newcastle Upon Tyne


A movie that kept us asking–“Exactly WHAT are we watching???”

What we learned:

1) Every boy named Marion turns out to be a bad@$$.

2) This movie may contain some of the most awesome action sequences involving zombie fish EVER to make it to the big screen. 34 more words



Things we learned:
1. The double decker bus is the official transportation of zombie apocalypses.
2. There’s a place for everyone in the zombie apocalypse … even total idiots. 38 more words


ZCR Episode 2: Plan B

In the absence of X-Philia and, therefore inability to do the virgin sacrifice episode, host Patient Zero discusses five films that would make great candidates for zombie remakes. 127 more words