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The Stairwell - Part 1

The stairwell sat on the far right corner of the tall building.  Erik and the Haitian walked briskly as the zombie climbed up the escalator.  They struggled initially but soon figured out how to manipulate their dead limbs.   871 more words

City Of Zombies

Golaem Crowd Sim MasterClass

So i’ve decided to take on the masterclass set at university from Golaem. Our masterclass unit involved many differnt production houses and companies (Dneg, MPC, Golaem … ) setting briefs and then we get to choose which one we would like to do. 117 more words



One weekend before Halloween there was the Zombie Walk at City Hall in downtown Toronto. I went to Zombie-watch but was able to get free makeup so I joined the fun. 742 more words

Law Of Attraction/Spirituality/Self-help/Motivational

Concept Art Wednesday #14

I post a new piece of concept art every Wednesday. Make sure to click the follow button so you don’t miss a post. This week: 50’s Zombie


Zombie Games, A history

Since launching there are dozens of zombie themed Indie Games.  The huge number of apps for the Android market poses a large problem though: Discover ability.   378 more words


How To Create Real Zombie

The term zombie always associate with the undead flesh eating human, even though the term actually come from Haitian folklore. Modern day pop culture zombie is defer from haitian folklore definition of zombie,  for haitian a zombie refer to an animated corpse raised by magical means, such as witchcraft. 843 more words


What is to be done with Cyril Smith now that we cannot kill him?

Well… kill him and kill him again I say.

Unfortunately he is already dead, so for my first fantasy Cyril death, I shall dig his fatty brains out with a blunt spoon. 60 more words