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Zombie Culture Today

Yes, everybody knows how the zombies resemble.  We had the opportunity to see them within the movies before we saw them within the video games or inside the other sorts of media, before they became a really popular portion of the mass culture.   505 more words


Toxic Bag Podcast, Episode 211: 2014 TV Roundtable

In a special end-of-the-year extra podcast, Joe and Steve sat down with our friends Ele Matelan and Eric Van Tassell to talk about their favorite genre TV shows of 2014.

Get the podcast here.


Three Scary Throughout Time (2014)

1. Zombie.
2. Ghoul.
3. Christmas tree lights.
As it were-
Folks thought they would leak a strange vapor.


Review: Colony Z by Luke Shephard

Book Description:

When the Undead have taken over America, one group of survivors find safety by escaping to a remote, unsettled island.

There they work to rebuild society, while trying to survive whatever it is that is after them. 210 more words

"Warm Bodies" - There's nothing hotter than a girl with brains.

Up until a few years ago I really wasn’t a big fan of the zombie craze. All of the movies seemed the same and I didn’t feel like trying to bond with a group of survivors just to watch them get killed off one at a time. 565 more words

Rob Corddry

Inappropriate Images

Our minds strewn with inappropriate images
Flickering at an exorbitant pace
Locked in like consuming zombies
We’re losing this digital race
A new generation, this is all they know… 20 more words


A Fresh One for Today

Back from the Dead

Out from my olden grave
Now hunger’s chosen slave
It doesn’t need to be said
I’m alive and no longer dead… 108 more words