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Attack Of The Smartphone Zombies! A lack of situational awareness can get you killed #SmartPhones #SituationalAwareness #zombies #Survival

This is vitally important….we need to be aware of what is going on around us a lot more than we are.  I am guilty of this “smartphone zombiefacation” as well.   1,096 more words



Like most horror fans, I’m fed up with zombies. But because the unexpected highlight of last year’s Imagine film festival was Jeremy Gardner’s low-budget zombie pic… 1,079 more words


Second Post

There has been an unexpected zombie apocalypse where I live. It’s a pretty small place here so I think I’ll be fine, plus I can probably run fast enough to escape from any zombie. 84 more words


Nudist Outbreak in Münich

As if to add credence to the plot of the on-going serialized novel The Nudist War, Forbes.com reports that the city of Münich in Germany has reported an outbreak of nudists at six isolated locations. 7 more words


State Of The Nation

I usually try very hard not to get too political in my blog. Everyone has an opinion, or a political angle. They see the incumbent powers as good, bad, or indifferent. 1,067 more words


Zombies and robots

Dreams involving game arcades, chickens, sheep, zombies and a surprise robot at the end. The bit I remember the clearest is three men rolling a semi-truck outside our house and climbing out like nothing had happened, asking us if they can crash at our house. 210 more words


Life's a Happy Song

The last time I wrote a poem was for a class in college. It was about a shark who ate people and it didn’t end well… 861 more words