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Zombies Are Dead. Right?

I was reading this article from i09 titled “10 Science Fiction And Fantasy Stories That Editors Are Tired Of Seeing” and I was struck by the pompousness of the editors mentioned. 536 more words


Fourth post; Zombies three

It’s been a day or two since easter, no zombies ate any of my chocolate and stuff, but one may have taken something from my brother. 144 more words


The Nekkid War

Back on 431 EVs – 1Place I commented that “Eddy drives a Plug-in EV in The Nudist War“.

To which Maggie (the real one, after whom Maggie in TNW was named) replied, “I hope he never runs out of charge! 88 more words


Third Post, Second relating to zombies

Well, it is the night before Easter, my mother had already hid the chocolates and stuff. I think she may have hid some outside. I am hoping that the zombies do not have super smell or something like that, because who knows, what if zombies like candy? 50 more words


Attack Of The Smartphone Zombies! A lack of situational awareness can get you killed #SmartPhones #SituationalAwareness #zombies #Survival

This is vitally important….we need to be aware of what is going on around us a lot more than we are.  I am guilty of this “smartphone zombiefacation” as well.   1,096 more words



Like most horror fans, I’m fed up with zombies. But because the unexpected highlight of last year’s Imagine film festival was Jeremy Gardner’s low-budget zombie pic… 1,079 more words


Second Post

There has been an unexpected zombie apocalypse where I live. It’s a pretty small place here so I think I’ll be fine, plus I can probably run fast enough to escape from any zombie. 84 more words