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Zombie Shark is confused

Zombie shark is pretty upset about having a large fishhook in it’s head, not because it feels anything, but it is taking up too much room in place of the brains that he is about to consume. 106 more words


Dying Light | Great game or failed experiment?

This year at gaming expo E3, we were given a first look at Dying Light, a unique game developed by Techland and set for early release in February 2015. 437 more words

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Would You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

We’ve all thought about it. What would we do and how long would we survive if the undead rose and took over the world. I bet most of us who watch The Walking Dead every week and have seen enough zombie brain spilled to last a lifetime think we would survive indefinitely, but come on, let’s be real. 512 more words


You're Invited to All Things Zombie's Virtual Party!

ATZ Publications’ Virtual Release Party

All Things Zombie: The Gathering Horde

Sunday, November 16th 3:00 — 5:50 pm EST

What is a virtual release party? 228 more words

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Watch "Zombieland Rule # 1 - Cardio" on YouTube

Zombieland Rule # 1 – Cardio: http://youtu.be/4smD0xy6w08

I have a house full of zombie apocalypse appropriate weapons and food for days but I can’t run. Definitely need to step my cardio game up. 59 more words

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The Walking Dead Predictions - ep 506 Consumed

Episode 506 of The Walking Dead, entitled “Consumed”, probably takes place before episode 505 and 503.  It takes place at the same time as 504, the Beth-spectacular Slabtown.   330 more words


The Walking Dead S05 E05: Self Help

Holy Looney Tunes! I’ve always felt that Team Rick’s biggest threats were not so much the walkers, but their fellow survivors. I was right. On… 857 more words