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In Case of Zombies

Here’s a quick little pick to round out the week that I’ve been meaning to post for the longest time.

In case of zombies . . . or yard work.


Would You Survive

Right now everything is all about, who has the nicest house, the best car, the newest cell phones, and who makes the most money. This got me wondering if society were to fall, how many people would actually stand a chance at surviving? 424 more words

Narcisse - O homem zombie que voltou a casa depois de 21 anos morto

Narcisse – O homem zombie que voltou a casa depois de 21 anos morto, depois de ter sido envenenado e enterrado vivo.

I Kept Silent "Walkers" video shoot.

With the popularity of  “The Walking Dead” the Florida based band “I kept Silent” wrote a song about zombie, or walkers as it were called “Walkers”. 129 more words

A Selection of Living Dead: Art

An assortment of Zombie pen/ink art
I made a few years ago.

-Dandy Jon-


Page 14

They’d stood for a moment outside a small shop. He remembered that. He remembered deciding that the day was over. He remembered how he’d set out to make sure it would be. 53 more words


Attack Of The Smartphone Zombies! A lack of situational awareness can get you killed #SmartPhones #SituationalAwareness #zombies #Survival

This is vitally important….we need to be aware of what is going on around us a lot more than we are.  I am guilty of this “smartphone zombiefacation” as well.   1,096 more words