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Midas Fall, 'Carol of the Infected'

A serendipitous Facebook recommendation introduced me to this cheery little seasonal song–a Christmas carol for zombies. Ethereal Goth music, I suppose, a touch psychedelic. 16 more words

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Ep. 3: Let's Get Wasted

In this episode of The Zombie Commission Report, Patient Zero reviews Zombie Dice from Steve Jackson Games and talks to the guys behind Wasted, a 30 minute zombie sitcom that almost made it to Canadian television. 59 more words


Disturbing On The Ground Report From the Mall of America in Minneapolis

You’ve probably noticed this too. I know I have.



7 out of 10 people moderately to seriously over weight.

The textbook illustration of “the masses” moving to and fro.

137 more words

The Book of a Few - Day One, Part Two

When I awoke, my eyesight blurred at first, I found myself in agony. I was Lying on my back in the crick with water up to my neck. 1,224 more words


Breathers: A Zombie's Lament

If you’ve never spent solid days of your life thinking about Zombies, then you probably wouldn’t understand.

You know those books that you come out of with half the pages ear-marked and folded, looking as worn as if you’d had them for 5 years even though you ordered it off Amazon a week ago and you’ve literally only read it once? 865 more words