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The Zone of Proximal Development and Intercultural Understanding


In a previous post I explored Vigotsky’s notion of a zone of proximal development (ZPD – I’m sick of typing that out). This post is a continuation of that exploration of ZPD, but this time I will focus on ZPD and intercultural understanding. 764 more words


Vigotsky and the Zone of Proximal Development

Vygotsky, L. S. (1978). Interaction between Learning and Development. In M. Cole, V. John-Steiner, S. Scribner & E. Souberman (Eds.), Mind in Society: The Development of Higher Psychological Processes. 652 more words


My First Experience of Sitting on the Other Side

The last two Wednesdays I started my first pre-service teaching experience, which involved me sitting near the teachers’ area of a classroom, and observe how they teach the lesson, how they plan for the lessons, and how they assess students’ work. 1,038 more words


7 Tips for parents who do not speak the immersion language

First of all, I commend you for choosing dual language instruction.  Your child will learn both languages and will learn content in both languages, even though you do not use the second language a lot at home.  1,031 more words

General Immersion Information

ZPD at work

I have witnessed myself a teacher who merely reads or paraphrases what is on the presentation. There are also some who just repeats what is already written on the book. 80 more words

Reflections, Insights, And Realizations



This quarter has been has been very interesting and I have enjoyed the readings and the discussions that I have participated in over the last 10 weeks.  984 more words



Teaching is one of the most important endeavors undertaken by humans.  If the purpose of sexual reproduction is propagation of the species, then the purpose of brain development is survival of the fittest within the species.  724 more words