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M6 Reflection: Learners in Context

               Relating socio-cultural development to the classroom speaks toward HOPE standard H1 “Honor student diversity and development”.  We learn from Vygotsky that all of us are affected by our surrounding from a very early age.  309 more words


Learners in Context Post-Course Meta-Reflection

[1] The Learners in Context course focused on two principals of HOPE, E1 — Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice and H1 — Honor student diversity and development. 673 more words

H - Honor Student Diversity, Development And Their Right To Learn

Meta-Reflection - EDU 6132

H1 – Honor student diversity and development [1]. This standard is telling me that I need to be aware of the differing needs of my students and help them develop based upon those needs [1]. 415 more words

EDU 6132 - Learners In Context

Meta-Reflection: EDU 6132 Learners in Context

This course covered several theories of social and cognitive development.  As a developing educators we get exposed to a great deal of information concerning teaching styles, strategies, curriculum development, professional growth and content expertise.  214 more words


Zone of Proximal Development, Scaffolding & Critical Thinking

O2 – Offer appropriate challenge in the content area. To me, O2 means that as an educator I can plan a lesson, but I also must be able to adapt that plan and my teaching strategies to ensure my students are understanding what I’m teaching,  but also to give them practice building critical thinking skills. 633 more words

Critical Thinking

Theatre of Differentiation, Course Reflection: Learners in Context, E1

Over the course of teaching and teacher training, it is important to center one’s practice on areas of potential growth. To do this, one must be reflective, collaborative, and evaluative of one’s teaching practice (E1). 718 more words

Teaching Philosophy

Learner's In Context: Meta-Reflection

There are many factors associated with human development that impact student learning Essentially, these factors are addressed in the nature vs. nurture debate, and thus can be broken down into biological factors and environmental factors. 847 more words