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The Zone of Proximal Development

During a child’s transformation throughout childhood, I find it ridiculous that Jean Piaget divided children into the preoperational and concrete stages. I understand that children sometimes see objects and grasp concepts different. 336 more words


"One Size Fits All" Classroom Is Not the Answer - Scaffolding Instruction What is it?

Gone are the days where you walk into a English Language Arts classroom and every student is reading the same novel, working on the same writing assignment, and has the same vocabulary or spelling words.   574 more words

Rainbow Connection

How are rainbows formed?

The Science of Rainbows”.

The easy answer is that you see a rainbow when there’s a sun shower and that there are seven colours of the rainbow. 210 more words

Colours Of The Rainbow

Appropriate Rigor - EDU 6945

O2 – Offer appropriate challenge in the content area [1]. One aspect of this standard, is that the curricula that is planned and presented to students needs to be at a level of rigor equal to student ability [1]. 387 more words


P2 - Practice Differentiated Instruction in Reading

P2- Practice differentiated instruction – To me, P2 means that instructional methods and level of content can vary based on student levels and needs. Every day, we illustrate this principle in our classroom during reading group rotations. 981 more words

Reading Lesson

Sages and guides

In 976 A.D., Zhang Shi and Zhu Xi, two leaders of ancient Chinese learning,  climbed Yuelu Mountain, located on the west bank of the Xiang River in Changsha. 951 more words