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Be Careful About Being Too Creative With Your Development Plans: Dallas Court of Appeals Invalidates Carrollton Ordinance and Order Closing Air Park Dallas

Last week, a Texas appellate court in… 984 more words

Air Park Dallas

'Residents in uphill fight against condo in neighborhood'

This was such a complex story to tell, it took a week to get it right. You couldn’t tell from the sleek copy thanks to some amazing help from my editors. 146 more words


Group of Four Trees

Group of Four Trees by Jean Dubuffet is a 42 ft.-high public art installed in front of  1 Chase Manhattan Plaza. It is surrounded by commercial buildings housing well-known banks and law-firms.

Meet the UDB

As a constantly changing urban region, greater metropolitan Miami must reconcile the seemingly opposed pressures of population growth and real estate development with environmental conservation and municipal service delivery. 211 more words


Hometown Democracy: Should We Give Citizens the Right to Vote on Proposed Development Projects?

By Dom Nozzi

I worked as a long-range town planner for 20 years.

In 2007, a constitutional amendment was advanced in the state of Florida that would give citizens the right to vote on whether they approve of or disapprove of a proposed development in the community, or a proposal to change the zoning or land use designation of a property. 1,330 more words

The Neoliberal Gentry

The market knows best.

That’s the great fundamentalist truth of neoliberalism. Market relations are the best sort of relations between people, in all conceivable situations. Markets, as opposed to families, neighborhoods, democratic assemblies, or free associations, are how we should organize our society.  1,122 more words

OCP to Public Hearing — April 22, 2014

Port Moody council passed 1st and 2nd readings of the OCP bylaw at its meeting on April 8, 2014. Councillors Rick Glumac and Zoe Royer were the only members of council who voted against the draft Official Community Plan as it is currently written. 406 more words