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Fun Facts For Ya: 10/24/14

Teddy bears, which were named after Teddy Roosevelt, were a huge hit.  So a toy company tried to recreate the formula with the next president, … 143 more words


The Greatest Horror Movie Franchises of All Time

Someone from Gawker.com has put together a rundown of the “Best Horror Movie Franchises of All Time.”

In order to be considered, there needed to be at least three movies in the series, and at least three of them had to be released theatrically. 116 more words


Parody: The ISIS School for Girls

Three Denver-area females, ages 15, 16 and 17, were arrested in Frankfurt, Germany. Why, you may ask? Did they walk out on their bill at a youth hostel? 144 more words


Fun Facts For Ya: 10/23/14

The official state vegetable of Oklahoma is . . . the watermelon.  Which is a fruit.

The last time a Republican was elected president without either a Nixon or a Bush as the president or vice president was… 94 more words


October 21st-Life Is Beautiful Is Just Days Away

If you missed anything from Chet Buchanan & the Morning Zoo on Tuesday, it’s all here with the Zoo Podcast.  Life is Beautiful is this weekend and we have your tickets all week for Saturday, including exclusive passes to the KLUC Sound House…we also have your Frightdome passes for this weekend…have you ever done it at the airport…who has gotten pregnant on the circle back… 37 more words


Mind Kinda Blown...Six Weird Things That Are Banned in Other Countries

If you think we’ve got too many laws in THIS country, here are six weird things OTHER countries have banned.

1. Lip-synching. Turkmenistan banned it in 2005 to preserve their, quote, “true culture.” They also decided that opera and ballet are, quote, “unnecessary”. 148 more words


Fun Facts For Ya: 10/21/14

The letter J is the only letter that doesn’t appear on the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Contestants on “Jeopardy!” all stand on platforms that are adjusted to make sure they’re all the same height. 54 more words