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The women the Victoria's Secret Angels think are sexy!

The Victoria’s Secret Angels speak out about the women they think are sexy in the world of today…

They include:
Blake Lively for her ‘sexy summer glow’


First Pic From The Set Of 'Rock the Kasbah' With Bill Murray, Danny McBride, Bruce Willis and Zooey Deschanel!

Zooey Deschanel tweeted out the first pic from the set of ‘Rock the Kasbah’. She’s in some rarified comedic air with Bill Murray and Danny McBride. 59 more words


Jessica Simpson named world's sexiest mom

We can’t really argue with this one. According to purveyors of passion, Victoria’s Secret, Jessica Simpson is the sexiest mom out there, right now, in the world. 54 more words


New Season Artwork for The Mindy Project and New Girl

The Mindy Project and New Girl return on Tuesday, September 16 (for their third and fourth seasons) and both ended in very different places for the central couple; grand romantic gestures and a reconciliation that didn’t happen. 338 more words

New Girl

Reid Scott será un roba-corazones en 'New Girl'

Hace unos días les informamos sobre la participación de Jessica Biel en “New Girl”, donde estará peleando con Zooey Deschanel por el amor de un hombre. 114 more words


What's Sexy This Year? Let the Victoria's Secret Angels Tell You in This Exclusive Video Reveal

What happens when the sexiest women in the world (as hired by Victoria’s Secret) come up with a list of the sexiest women in Hollywood? A list that’s sexy to the nth power. 201 more words


The Happening (2008) Review

The first scene of The Happening is really good. The introduction, and what I assume was the initial idea that “inspired” M. Night Shyamalan, of the “Happening,” where people begin to spontaneously kill themselves, without reason, is quite chilling. 585 more words