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Is the Smallest Multicelled Organism an Insect?

@Robot_Insect Is an insect the smallest non one celled animal? Which one is smallest?

— Charles Simmins (@CharlesSimmins) December 16, 2014

Well, in short. No. It’s actually a microscopic, parasitic zooplankton that attaches itself to the outside of other zooplankton.

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Creature Feature: Butterflies of the Sea

There are butterflies floating in the oceans all around the world. Usually only about a centimeter long, these beautiful, tiny creatures are actually snails that live their whole lives as plankton in the currents near the ocean’s surface. 471 more words

Creature Feature

Benthic infaunal community structuring in an acidified tropical estuarine system


Recent studies suggest that increasing ocean acidification (OA) should have strong direct and indirect influences on marine invertebrates. While most theory and application for OA is based on relatively physically-stable oceanic ecological systems, less is known about the effects of acidification on nearshore and estuarine systems. 318 more words