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Thrifty Thursday: Halloween preparations

The Aldi super-six this week are chantenay carrots (500g), parsnips (600g), cauliflower, leeks (500g), mild onions (4 pack) and baking potatoes (4 pack). They are all 69p. 497 more words


Why Bother With Traditional Savings Accounts?

The Sunday Times today, has an article entitled Savers Face Clampdown On Access To Top-Rating Accounts. Here’s the first two paragraphs.

Savers are struggling to access the best-paying accounts as banks and building societies impose restrictions, such as limiting customers to certain postcodes, and slash the deposits that can be held.

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Managing Zopa As A High-Interest, Almost Instant-Access Deposit Account

The media is full of articles and comment moaning about the derisory rates that you can get on any savings. There is also the related moan, that if you sign up for some higher-interest account, your money is locked away for several years. 1,265 more words


The Stability Of Zopa's Rates

Since Zopa brought in their safeguarding of lenders, the rates they’ve been offering for money lent over five years appears to have been pretty stable. 27 more words


A Poor Article On Saving

The Money section in The Times has an article entitled, Safe Havens Are Offering A Poor Return

It contains this paragraph.

Why choose a two-year fixed-rate Isa offering a paltry two per cent return when you could be looking at far more for a stocks and shares Isa?

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What Effect Would A Yes Vote In The Scottish Referendum Have On Peer-to-Peer Lending?

I’m prompted to ask this question, as there is a feature in the Times Money section today about the implications of the Scottish Referendum on personal finance. 311 more words