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Victoria Asks The Question

Victoria Derbyshire asked this morning how George Osborne’s pension changes will affect you.

They won’t effect me, but they will effect those companies that provide the dreaded annuities, as I won’t be buying one! 151 more words


Could You Use Zopa As An Annuity?

In this discussion, I’m using Zopa as it the peer-to-peer lender I know best. But the analysis could probably apply to your own favourite.

Zopa also has the following features. 688 more words


The Increased Speed Of The Zopa To Nationwide Transfer

I needed to remove some of the excess interest and repayments in my Zopa account to top up my Nationwide current account.

The last time, I looked at the speed of this, it took three or four days before, it was fully documented in my bank account and available for use. 123 more words


The P2P (Peer to Peer) Banking Revolution. Can The Big Online Retailers Take on Banks?

Banks are one of those things people take for granted, whether they understand them or not . Their systems and inner workings are unknown to most of their customers. 568 more words

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