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Old Georgian phrases and sentences 39 (Mirian & religion in Georgia)

For today’s Georgian reading, here are a few lines from the K’art’lis c’xovreba, with Robert Thomson’s translation (Rewriting Caucasian History).

ed. 65.7-9 (Th. 270 more words


Understanding art in religion

Robert Bracey, curator, British Museum

The term ‘religion’ covers a diverse range of thoughts and beliefs. Some people understand their religion to prohibit all acts of violence, even to the smallest animal, while others believe their religion compels them to go to war. 915 more words

British Museum

Religions of Asia

As I alluded to in earlier posts, the Mayans and the Hopi believe(d) that our respective peoples were all born into a period both groups refer to as the Fourth World.  1,077 more words

2020 Prophecy

Yasna Ceremony

The Yasna ceremony is the highest of the inner circle ceremonies and requires the recitation of chapters 1 to 72 of the book of Yasna. 1,124 more words

Dakhma Of Angra Mainyu

[30 September 2014] God's Message - Examples

God‘s message to humanity:

Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Confucius, Muhammad, Laozi, Zoroaster, Saint Germain and similar incarnated beings gave their best with the limitations of their time. 29 more words

God's Messages

Parliament of the World’s Religions, Melbourne, Australia, December 2009

Written for Quaker (Religious Society of Friends) newsletters

With thousands of participants, as many as 30 sessions simultaneously on offer for five time slots a day over five days, nightly themed audio-visual and live presentations, manned information stalls, art displays, regular chanting in the venue by Buddhist groups, the painstaking and meditative construction of a Tibetan sand mandala, colourful multi-faith and artistic opening and closing plenaries, and off-site activities such as concerts and a labyrinth, the PWR was a very personal experience for all those who attended. 1,111 more words

42 Historical People, No. 5: Kartir, Zoroastrian priest.

After a long lapse (occasioned by my absence), tonight we return to the “42 Historical People” series!

Why don’t more people know what Zoroastrianism is? The faith of ancient Iran, which predates Christianity by at least 500 years, is every bit as deserving of the title of one of the world’s great religions as Judaism, Islam and Christianity–although today it has far fewer adherents. 399 more words