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Zoroastrianism still marks the everyday life of Iranians

Zoroastrianism is the ancient religion of Iran. It is still practiced in Iran and around the world. But what was once the official state religion of Persian empires is now the religion of a minority. 577 more words

Iran Beyond The News

FAQ 32


I love making a bonfire in my garden. When I’ve done with it, I feel refreshed. Is there some meaning of purification in making a bonfire? 126 more words


Unlocking Baptism!

Defining Baptism: When trying to understand water baptism, one must first understand the true meaning of the word baptize. The word baptize is derived from the Greek verb “baptidzo” which means “to immerse.” The process of baptism consists of immersion, submersion and then emergence. 509 more words

the man with the caterpillar moustache

Who was Friedrich Nietzsche? All the remnants we have of Nietzsche today are essentially a collection of misinterpreted quotes on Facebook, a false association with his philosophy to fascism (sometimes nazism), and a global use of the phrase, “God is Dead.” It seems that the only people left who know him for what he stood for are old men on trains reading… 539 more words

Story of my Life - Chapter I

What It Takes To Be An Agnostic Parsi In Bombay.

Hi, It’s been a while. I’ve mentioned in my “About” post here, as well as on my Facebook profile intro that people can know me better by way of my posts here; but all I’ve given so far, are metaphorical life instances in a way that people can relate the incident in their lives. 2,375 more words