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The Mask of Zorro [Blu-ray]

Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins. Zorro dons a black mask and cape and sets out to avenge the murder of his wife in this swashbuckling adventure filled with sword-fighting, action and romance. 1998/color/137 min/PG-13.

{4/14} Weekend Snaps

This weekend was insanely busy and productive. I mean, I still can’t believe the amount of things we got done- it’s great to start the week on such a positive note. 125 more words


Ups and Downs on the Run

I notice a pause in the commenting action.  Until someone gets another topic going, let’s dwell on me for a while.

The really great news is I may be winning the war of attrition with that task force that is after me.  4,116 more words

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Things I liked recently

This amazing jumper, art and fashion together.

Este jersey es espectacular, arte y moda juntos.

The work of textile artist Liz Cooksey.

El trabajo de la diseñadora de tejidos… 18 more words


Movie Review: The Mark of Zorro

He rides a horse as black as the night. His signature is a letter “Z” cut with the point of a sword. As champion of the oppressed his fame spreads the length of Spanish California. 264 more words