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Girls S4 Ep3: Female Author

This week on Girls … Hannah gets a reality check from Elijah and offers one in return to her classmates. Marnie gets a reality check from Ray and realises she isn’t getting what she really wants from Desi. 1,084 more words


Girls Pulls the Trigger

We begin this episode following Hannah (Lena Dunham) apartment hunting in Iowa City. Hannah is amazed that an apartment bigger than her NYC one is just $250 a month, a great steal. 1,774 more words


Real Sosh Knows Dating

I like the Sosh theme I have going on here.

I especially like that real life Sosh is just as cool as fake Sosh AND that real life Sosh knows her shit when it comes to dating:

Amen sister.


13 Things You Can Learn From GIRLS

One of my favorite TV shows for the past couple of years has been HBO’s GIRLS. I remember hearing about it for awhile before I was actually able to spend an entire day binge watching the first season. 299 more words

Girls S4 Ep2: Triggering

This week on Girls … Hannah discovers that Iowa is very different from New York. Her first encounter with her writers’ workshop classmates doesn’t go quite as she expected. 1,064 more words


Go Girl: Lena Dunham Settles Into Her New Brooklyn Condo

Below is an excerpt from “Go Girl: Lena Dunham Settles Into Her New Brooklyn Condo” which originally appeared on zillow.com. Read the full story at… 189 more words


Girls - kezdett a 4. évad

Azt hiszem a január 11-én visszatérő sorozataim közül egyértelműen a Girls nyerte az estét, hiszen sem a Shameless, sem a Looking nem nyűgözött le túlzottan, ellenben… 542 more words

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