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Miss Gabor once appeared on a television program in which guest celebrities attempted to solve viewers’ conjugal problems. The first question came from a young lady: “I’m breaking my engagement to a very wealthy man who has already given me a sable coat, diamonds, a stove, and a Rolls-Royce. 11 more words


Acting Naturally: Jane & Carmen & Lena & Esther & Zsa Zsa

Kristen Pullen explains how the classical Hollywood movie  star spent years on and off camera acting naturally to project an authentic performance. For a Hollywood actor ” playing themselves” is the ability to create a naturalistic style both on and off screen. 33 more words


Amazon Update No. 2: "For the First Time"

When I was about ten years old, my mother took me to see the MGM movie The Great Caruso, in which Mario Lanza played the title role, the tenor Enrico Caruso. 706 more words


Today on the tray: Caviar, dahling

Voiceover: Zsa Zsa? Uh, Miss Gabor?
Zsa Zsa: Yes?
Voiceover:  Have you tried Lawry’s Seasoned Salt?
Zsa Zsa:  Of course.
Voiceover: Good. It’s really terrific on hamburgers.

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Big Non-News

I’m still on vacation in Central Pennsylvania, enjoying family and friends. We were sitting around talking about “news.” What seems to be news for most media is “If it bleeds, it leads.” I guess that has always been the television answer to “local news.” National news is obviously concerned with politics, war and sensationalism, and where LeBron James is going. 488 more words