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here and there: courgettes

Seriously though, what is a courgette?

I very quickly found out from my lovely London counterparts that this was what we in North America and Australia call a “zuchinni”. 70 more words


Ravello, Italy - Part 1

For a first blog post I thought ‘Sure, Italy will do for a warm-up. Short and sweet!’ But one post has quickly grown into two. After using my new (well, nearly new) Canon 550D to take 775 photos over 4 days I’m barely even surprised. 505 more words


Couscous stuffed peppers

I grew up having stuffed peppers prepared in various ways. Often with rice or barley mixed with meat, parsley and spices. I am not purporting to take any credit whatsoever for creating this dish as it’s been done before… 286 more words

Dinner: Multigrain with chicken and zucchini

Trying out different way of cooking chicken cause getting bored with steaming. Today is breaded chicken with steam zucchini and multigrain.

Breaded chicken
1 portion chicken diced… 106 more words

Tham Jia Boy


Today I bought a family pack of chicken… I don’t like to let my chicken sit in the fridge for days. I get too paranoid it’s going to go bad and I’m going to poison my family. 344 more words


Summer Bounty Frittata

Garden fresh and fast!

Frittatas are a handy dish to keep in the fridge for a quick, protein rich meal.  This one uses favourite summer veggies– but if you don’t have them, put in others.  81 more words


Zuchinni Week!

We all hate mondays! But let’s start with great energy and great ideas for recipes!

I have always loved Zuchinni, but just a few weeks ago I tried to make different things with it. 114 more words