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Watch for some new updates on Indian Summer

Coming this week at http://www.indiansummer.com, we’ll be posting new fetishes! Keep watching our New Arrivals or just go our site.

Otter Zuni Fetish by Pete Natachu

You really OTTER take a look at this adorable Pete Natachu Otter with purple baby on www.indiansummer.com
They are known for their laughter and curiosity! 171 more words

San Francisco 2014 (Part 1)

For my 30th birthday, I wanted to celebrate in an intimate yet extravagant way (like most 29 year olds in a state of panic about leaving their 20′s). 160 more words

Mardi Gras Zuni Fetish

Must be Mardi Gras this week! Andy Abeita’s beautiful Isleta Maiden has her beads on and is ready! Check this gorgeous gal out at http://www.indiansummer.com




Ok – even I need a break from sorrow and grief. So I saw this “Thought Starter” prompt come up last night and I decided that it might be a fun thing to play with. 380 more words

Zea Mays #1: Zuni Blue Corn and the Ingenuity of Zuni Agriculture in the Dry Southwest

The first corn selected for our project is a Zuni blue flour corn first collected in 1954. Archeology suggests that for 3,000 to 4,000 years, the Zuni have found ways to grow corn in a semi-arid climate with soils that are naturally alkaline and without much organic material. 289 more words


Chela and Ariel--A Better Endings Pet Reincarnation Story


I know that not everyone accepts or is interested in the idea of reincarnation. If not, that is fine, but please humor my story today. 762 more words

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