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Stefan Zweig: Society Figure

What’s Stefan Zweig good for?
Wuthering Fights (as we rather whimsically named it) has been away for a little while. But rest assured that even when we’re not blogging, we’re reading to excess. 676 more words

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10 of the Most Under-Appreciated Professions

Your job may not be as thankless as you think it is—at least maybe not when you compare it to this list. All of these professions have one thing in common: no one usually notices them until something goes wrong. 839 more words

Zweig: The World of Yesterday

“I have never attached so much importance to my own person that I would have been tempted to tell others the story of my life. Much had to occur, infinitely more events, catastrophes, and trials than are usually allotted to a single generation had to come to pass, before I found the courage to begin a book in which I was the principal person or, better still, the pivotal point. 1,538 more words

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Stefan Zweig, The Post-Office Girl

This brief novel by Stefan Zweig, unpublished at the time of his death by suicide in 1942, has recently been translated and published by New York Review Books. 399 more words

Life: Old yet contemporary advice edition

“ Zweig himself attributed his popularity to ‘a personal flaw': radical impatience. In words that sound startlingly contemporary, Zweig expressed irritation at any work that didn’t maintain a breathless clip from beginning to end. 47 more words