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10 Must-See Coachella 2014 Moments You Can Watch Online

Just like that, the first weekend of Coachella 2014 has come and gone, and now all we have left are a few hipster jokes and the lingering sensation that there’s a feather headband out there biding its time until next year (or next weekend). 622 more words


15 of the Most Decadent Movies Ever Made

Leave it to indie auteur Jim Jarmusch to create a vampire “hang-out” movie — one where the gorgeous and cultured undead “spend most of their time in their rooms, devouring books and music and bottled blood.” Jarmusch’s vamps are poetic idols of decadent decay, languid and spellbinding. 1,109 more words


20 Years of Hole's 'Live Through This': 12 Musicians and Writers Dissect It Track by Track

Twenty years after the release of Hole’s Live Through This, the level of critical praise and commercial success the album achieved is perhaps lost on those who didn’t witness it firsthand. 5,191 more words


10 Musicians You Never Knew Had Their Own TV Shows

The folk at Dangerous Minds specialize in unearthing fascinating obscurities from the depths of the Internet, but they outdid themselves this week by finding a clip from a pilot for a sitcom Kraftwerk made in the early 1970s, circa… 748 more words


25 Things You Didn't Know About '2001: A Space Odyssey'

We’ve seen a major resurgence of Stanley Kubrick’s work in the last few years. Rodney Ascher’s atmospheric documentary, Room 237, explored the strange conspiracy theories surrounding… 1,033 more words


15 Possible Letterman Replacements Who Aren't White Dudes

Last night, David Letterman announced his retirement from his eponymous late-night talk show, Late Show With David Letterman. While he won’t retire until sometime next year, people are already speculating about who will replace him on the show he’s helmed for over 20 years. 983 more words