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Life at 11:30

I think i’ve overdone myself.

I was too driven for the past two weeks and now i am utterly exhausted. I don’t want to force myself into doing whatever i need to do, i don’t want to spark any idea that wasn’t even there, and i don’t want to worry about results and people that i can’t influence, no matter how hard i push, pull and shove to my liking. 17 more words

Daily Life

Can anyone help me to point out my mistake

I am new to java, I want to ask your guys a question, I wrote a server and client to send multiple files, however, some of files cannot be open such as word file or pdf, only for some word file or pdf. 559 more words


Context initialization failed org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name defined in class path resource

There was a mySql DB connection in my application, i need to crate another connection for different mySql DB for that i replicate the already created connection’s steps with some different name in order to create the new mySQL DB connection but im facing the following exception, can any one help me by giving some hint where did i make the mistake. 881 more words