Creating a high-profile website on a tight deadline? Get the simplicity of WordPress.com with powerful customizations for Enterprise sites.

Enterprise FAQ

Before you begin reading this FAQ, it’s a good idea to check out our Quick Guide to Launching Your WordPress.com Enterprise Site.

How Much is WordPress.com Enterprise?

It is $500/month, no commitment. Cancel anytime.

Can I upgrade my current WordPress.com account to a WordPress.com Enterprise account?

Absolutely. Simply go to the dashboard of the blog you’d like to upgrade, click on “Store” and upgrade to Enterprise. Your blog will stay the same, but the new features, such as the plugin directory and JavaScript editor, will be available to you.

Can I use my own plugins?

WordPress.com Enterprise comes with hundreds of features built-in, and dozens of vetted plugins that you can use to further customize your website, but uploading your own plugins isn’t supported.

Can I see a list of all the WordPress.com Enterprise plugins?

Yes, you can see the list here.

How Do I Customize my WordPress.com Theme?

With WordPress.com Enterprise, you will start with one of the 200+ themes we have available at WordPress.com. Then, you can modify the theme’s fonts, colors, CSS or JavaScript.

Can I upload a custom theme to WordPress.com Enterprise?

Please know that you cannot upload your own custom theme to WordPress.com Enterprise, but you can select a base theme and modify or override its CSS. You can also write your own JavaScript.

Does WordPress.com Enterprise offer FTP access?

No, WordPress.com Enterprise does not offer FTP access. If you need to import content from another blog, we suggest using our web based importer.

How do I import my database?

Your content can be imported from a variety of platforms, using our built-in importing tools.

Can I host multi-blog website in a single account?

No, WordPress.com Enterprise does not support multi-blog websites within a single account. We would suggest separating your verticals by category instead.

How do I transfer my self-hosted blog to WordPress.com Enterprise?

We would suggest you read “A Quick Guide To Launching Your WordPress.com Enterprise Site” to learn more about how to import content and customize your Enterprise website.

Can I run ads on my WordPress.com Enterprise site?

Yes, we support ads through our Ad Code Manager plugin.

Does WordPress.com Enterprise support Google Analytics?

Yes, you can use Google Analytics to track your WordPress.com Enterprise website using the Google Analytics plugin.

How many support tickets may I submit?

You may submit an unlimited number of support tickets through your WordPress.com Enterprise dashboard.

What’s the difference between WordPress.com Enterprise and WordPress.org?

WordPress.org offers the open-source WordPress software for you to download, install, host and maintain. With WordPress.org, you will have FTP and database access, and you will be able to install any plugins you would like.

Choosing WordPress.com Enterprise means that your site will be hosted with WordPress.com. You don’t have to worry about downloading, installing, hosting or maintaining your software. WordPress.com serves billions of pages every month, so you’ll never have to worry about your site going down in traffic spikes. Your website will always be up-to-date with the latest software and security patches, and you will always have the newest WordPress.com features available to you. With WordPress.com Enterprise, you will not get FTP or database access, but you can modify your website’s JavaScript, CSS, Fonts and Colors, and activate plugins from our approved and vetted plugins directory.

Need more? Here’s an index of WordPress.com Enterprise documentation.