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Escaping the Darkness

Quitting drinking lifted me out of Crapsville. When I drank, I would often ponder why other people’s lives seemed to be so much more productive and together than my own messy, unsatisfying and occasionally frightening existence. 460 more words


Two Hearts

My mother and I were in Bristol, visiting someone. A cousin, or something. We were having tea—like this. Our hostess … and her teenage daughter. I would’ve been nine or ten. 452 more words

Flash Fiction

Why I've Stopped Doing Interviews for Yale

Last year, I conducted alumni interviews for Yale applicants. It’s an easy gig. You take a smart, ambitious 17-year-old out for hot chocolate, ask them about their life, and then report back to the university, “Yup, this is another great kid.” 774 more words

College Admissions

The Forgotten Drug War: Dorothy Sullivan, Informant

“There was not the least sign of social disorder in 1942”

—Daniel Patrick Moynihan, speaking at the 100 Years of Heroin Conference, Yale University, 1998… 1,210 more words


By the Garden Gate: A Journey With Robert Campin

A few years ago, in New York for a conference, I made a pilgrimage to The Cloisters museum and gardens. I use the term “pilgrimage” advisedly. 1,409 more words



In 1916, one of the better-known fortune-tellers and magicians of Paris was sent to prison for fraud. The newspapers were peppered with details: his pseudonyms, some of his more bizarre practices, hints at his clientele. 1,081 more words


Message Send Failure.

I’ve saved all the text messages my sister and I sent to each other this year.

I thought it would be comforting to be able to look at them when I’m sad and know that we connected when everything else got stripped away. 361 more words


Growing Up and Kissing Girls

Based on a true story.


At the end of 8th grade year a new girl came to our school. By lunch time on her first day we all agreed she was the new “prettiest girl” in school. 1,379 more words


Impressions of Poverty

Our national epic has yet to be written – James Joyce

If you’ve ever listened to the song Running to Stand Still from U2’s Joshua Tree album you will have heard about the Irish town of Ballymun in the lyric “I see seven towers but I only see one way out.” Located on the northern periphery of Dublin city, Ballymun was at one time Ireland’s largest and – at least as much as my own experience has led me to hold – most unattractive public housing estate. 3,383 more words


On Writing Race

A lot of us here when asked to talk about race are most comfortable, or least uncomfortable, talking about it in the language of scandal. It’s so satisfying, so clear, so easy.

1,125 more words

The Surveillance Elephant in the Room...

Yesterday’s decision in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in what has been dubbed the ‘Europe vs Facebook’ case was, as the… 1,360 more words

Safe Harbor

One Fun Game

Sometimes it feels like there’s a trembling child inside me, even though I see a bearded man staring back at me from the mirror these days. 784 more words


The Unrighteousness of Fat

I’m fat. Technically, more accurately, I’m morbidly obese. But people don’t usually like technical, so I’m fat.

Being fat is hard in our society. Being fat and Mormon is even harder. 708 more words


How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb

I took a pregnancy test on the morning of May 14th, my husband’s birthday. I’d had a feeling about it and I thought it would be a nice surprise. 1,354 more words


Redrawing the Margins: Debating the Legalization of Prostitution

Amnesty International’s recent decision to support the legalization of sex work is a controversial one. The group reasoned that because these individuals lived outside of a licit society, they were more vulnerable to physical abuse: “Sex workers are one of the most marginalized groups in the world who in most instances face constant risk of discrimination, violence and abuse.” In order to bring these men and women out of the shadow economy and into the light, Amnesty International has supported the call for “consensual sex work” to be made legal in order that workers may be more legally protected from trafficking, violence, and exploitation. 893 more words


Dear Congress - Sincerely, A Mass Shooting Survivor

Dear Congress,

I write you today upon hearing the grave news that another heinous mass shooting has happened, this time in Roseburg, Oregon. We learned today that at least 10 people have lost their lives, and at least 7 have been injured. 958 more words


How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Celebrate Bakra Eid In America

I can’t slaughter a goat but I can roast a leg of lamb.

Yael Malka/ Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

Last year, around this time, I was struggling. 696 more words


Savage Shapes

by Eleanor Adair

I’ve always been interested in how self-consciousness alters our identity, so my art naturally becomes a way of exploring the different ways we define ourselves through others. 281 more words

Figurative Art

Love and Other Experiments

By Billy-Ray Belcourt

1. He told me he was into natives, but he couldn’t love the traumas hidden in my breathing.

2. How do you tell a ghost that it’s already dead, that its body is a fairy tale you stopped reading a long time ago? 214 more words

Creative Writing

Filling In the Blanks

Earlier this week, Ryan Adams released an album in which he covers every song, in order, from Taylor Swift’s 1989. It’s a project that has inspired a fair amount of media bemusement, and although Adams explains his thought process in detail in… 1,075 more words

Ryan Adams

Breaks, Flares, and Blockades

Photograph: courtesy of Camps Breakerz

Ahmed Ghraiz is wrapped up warmly against the cold. It’s dark inside the dance centre in which he sits, the occasional teenage voice echoing loudly in the background. 2,057 more words


Interview: Jessie Hartland and Telling the Story of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, we feel we know him and yet he is something of a mystery and there is an enormous amount to cover. Jessie Hartland has created an illustrated work, a “graphic biography,” that brings the public figure down to a human scale: “Steve Jobs: Insanely Great,” published by Schwartz & Wade Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House. 1,845 more words


Staying Put

There was in the eyes a look of anticipation and joy, a far-off look that sought the horizon; one often sees it in seafaring families, inherited by boys and girls alike from men who spend their lives at sea, and are always watching for distant sails or the first loom of the land. 1,953 more words

Personal Essay

Three Years

I’m perched on a paint-splattered stool, located downstage right, in a darkened forty-seat theatre. We’re well into the second act of Barenaked Angels, a show that’s a sort of hybrid between solo performance and an ensemble piece (I wrote about it… 1,107 more words


An Open Letter to the Doctor Who Saved My Father’s Life

To The Doctor Who Saved My Father’s Life,

I can’t refer to you by name because I never actually met you. But the nurses have assured me you are indeed real, and a very busy, trust-funded, white man. 1,129 more words


Why I Stand By Planned Parenthood

I was sixteen and in love for the first time.

After months of heated groping, my high school boyfriend and I wanted to go all the way. 956 more words

Reproductive Rights

The Country And The Corbyn (after A.A. Milne)

There once was a country which had at its head

The Conservatives (blue) or the Labourites (red)

And all the day long we’d be told what to do… 544 more words

UK Politics