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Best Worst Year: Episode 95 (Or, Toi)

By Jim Warner

Rosary pendulums from your rearview mirror with unwavering doubt. The Virgin Mary is velcroed to your dashboard, blessed by your grandmother’s wineglass, and present at her deathbed. 579 more words


"A Deadly Adoption" Is Brilliant, and Don't Believe Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise

For 30 years, Lifetime has been making predictable movies about women in peril, marriages on the skids, and adorable children in danger. These competently produced but uninspired films usually feature familiar faces from TV and provide disposable diversion for the channel’s core female audience. 796 more words


Hamilton and the Tenner

It does seem to me historically tone deaf for the Treasury Dept. to consider taking Alexander Hamilton, of all people, off U.S. currency, of all things, or even reducing his presence there. 1,232 more words


A Place on Earth: Ritual, Grief, and Mourning as an Atheist

Part I: As They Are, As They Should Be

The moment the seatbelt sign turned off, I began pressing the call button for the flight attendant. 1,893 more words


Knocknarae, Or Thoughts on Time and the Irish Sisyphus

“UP THE MOUNTAIN ye were?” the woman said to me.  I tried to look at her from the passenger seat, though my glasses were bedazzled with raindrops. 3,151 more words


Medieval Letter-People

The human body is one of the most common objects encountered in art, whether in paintings, sculptures or other objects. Things have not changed much since medieval times, when artists loved to fill their work with human figures – commonly saints or individuals affiliated with biblical stories. 1,120 more words


Tomorrow She is Never Again Four Years Old

I look at the clock and it’s 11:34 pm. I picture my newly minted five-year-old, asleep in her bed, covered with the Hello Kitty blanket I stayed up until past midnight last night to make, her hands curled under her ear, like the fiddlehead ferns she begged me to buy in the grocery store last week. 745 more words


The Baguette That Got Away

I have a complicated relationship with baguettes.

When I was 16, I won this scholarship to study in Paris for a month. Naturally, my diet for the entirety of my stay largely consisted of whole baguettes eaten in one sitting and what can only be described as jugs of Orangina. 925 more words


Through It All, There Was a Dog

Seven years ago, when my first marriage of fifteen years unexpectedly went belly up, I was involuntarily launched on what Joseph Campbell calls the Hero’s Journey. 1,675 more words


From Brokeback to Obergefell

Twelve years. Ten years. Two years. Thirteen months. And six months. This is the timeline–a narrative–of a movement, of a man, of a love story still being written. 2,453 more words

Marriage Equality

Doctorates, Down-Dogs, and the Challenge of Self Talk

The day I submitted my PhD dissertation was also my 95th day of a self-imposed 100 day yoga challenge. I had never intended to complete both tasks in such quick succession. 1,116 more words


This Is My House

The greatest gift in the world is to grant a kindness to another. The amazing thing though is that the aforementioned gift is one you give yourself. 2,896 more words


Alice Driver on Home and Place

Alice Driver is a writer, photographer, filmmaker and traveler. I first discovered her work when I read her piece, “My Own Trap 1,611 more words

Ramadan Reality Check: Burnout or Speed Up

For me, the weeks and days leading up to Ramadan are filled with hope, enthusiasm and determination. I look forward to the days and nights of tranquility, and a sense of unity among the… 708 more words


I Have Not Actively Worked. I Have Sat Quietly.


In times like this, white people are quick to throw their hands up and dissociate themselves from racism and the person accused of the racist act. 1,121 more words


The Nine Circles of Hell

For all of its eternal damnation, hell can seem pretty weak when it comes to strong language. Fuck and bitch, say, can rain down some serious fire and brimstone, but… 1,848 more words



I suppose that I’m always on the look out for a story. But I don’t know. A story is a lot more than a string of words strung together to form a, more or less, linear, dramatic arc. 705 more words

Photo Essay

Working Big

I rarely post about the commissioned pieces I work on. But this triptych was so much fun, and I learnt so much from it, that I had to share it. 328 more words


What Is A Rhizome?

My friends and family would tell you that I am a picky eater. There is some truth in that. But I’d contest the idea a little too. 1,189 more words


To Die Will Be an Awfully Big Adventure (Spoilers)

Spoilers for Game of Thrones. And early ’90s Superman comics, I guess.

Death in stories is important. Or at least, it should be.

Coming from comics, we’re used to death being a revolving door. 1,357 more words

Game Of Thrones

A Photographer's Response to Taylor Swift’s Rant Against Apple

* Updated : Following a statement released by Taylor Swift’s UK agent, I have responded here*

Dear Taylor Swift,

I have read your open letter to Apple where you give your reasons for refusing to allow your album ‘1989′ to be included on their forthcoming Apple Music streaming service.   762 more words


New York, and Goodbye

In memory of our cherished friend, Adam Aaron Gray, who passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, June 14th, during our visit to New York City.

Adam, we are forever walking toward the Brooklyn Bridge. 1,783 more words


Now I am 54

In honour of others, especially Matt Haig (see his book ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’), who have been open and honest about their own mental health difficulties I post this blog in the hope that none of us need suffer in silence and feel as if they are the only ones going through ,what can be, such excruciating difficulties. 1,346 more words


Vonnegut’s Letter to the Draft Board, 1967

It’s fairly rare that the written word moves us to actual tears, but we’ve shed a few reading the very moving letter that Kurt Vonnegut, author of… 447 more words


What Flesh Eatest Thou?

Brodie Waddell

On 26 June 1645, as the war between the King and Parliament raged, John Coleman sat down at his lodgings in London to eat a meat pie. 1,028 more words