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Doing Too Much Koch

Firstly, anyone who comments on the merits of books he hasn’t read is a complete idiot, which I will now attempt to demonstrate.  But I can’t help noticing the buzz of reportage on the infamously secretive – does that make sense? 640 more words


The Jobs Promise

President Trump campaigned on the promise to make America great again and a key step was creating lots of great jobs. As these words rolled off Trump’s tongue, one would have thought jobs would be growing on trees when Spring arrived. 832 more words


Spring flowers, golfing again, and a new question: is nuclear war good for us?

It is well and truly spring!  I highly recommend getting outside and looking at what’s blooming.  These pictures are ones I took on Saturday at Duke Gardens in Durham.   408 more words


In this week's New Yorker

The excellent reporting routinely published in the New Yorker has the simultaneously invigorating and depressing impact of adding to my pantheon of political villains. Latest addition: Robert Mercer, co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, among the most profitable hedge funds in the country, and his daughter Rebekah. 818 more words

In This Week's New Yorker

Dark Money

Amy Goodman’s interview with Jane Mayer is really important to listen to. It pulls the curtain back and shows us a peek at the puppet master pulling Trump’s strings. 171 more words


Who's Been Seeding the Alt-Right? Follow the Money to Robert Mercer

Jane Mayer profiles hedge fund manager, alt-right supporter, and political funder Robert Mercer in the New Yorker. He’s the man who brought us Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, and eventually, Donald Trump, and his worldview may sound particularly familiar to anyone who’s been reading up on Bannon. 228 more words


Food Stamp Cuts Reflect a Class War Against the Working Poor - posted 3/19/2017

Senate Bill 7, a Republican-sponsored bill that would significantly reduce the number of people who can receive food stamps in New Hampshire, has passed the New Hampshire Senate on a party-line vote. 1,293 more words