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The '87 Sound: "System of Survival" by Earth, Wind & Fire

By 1987, Ronald Wilson Reagen had been serving as the 40th President since January of 1981. He’d already enacted several major tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, while slashing social programs and increasing military spending. 992 more words

Music Matters

The Madness of King Donald Part Two

It seems that our Emperor who has no close is at it again. Apparently, he is not happy with the people he chose as his Presidential advisors. 730 more words


Remembering the Iran-Contra Scandal

Ron Berger —

Amidst the evolving scandal involving the Trump administration‚Äôs dubious ties to Russia, which is currently under investigation by Senate and House subcommittees and independent counsel Robert Mueller, comparisons have been made to… 1,959 more words


He Is The Best! At lying.

North: Trump has freed US military from WH micromanagement:


The Iran Contra neocon MIC posterboy for war. North and James Brenner tie for first place for best liar before congress. 12 more words

The CIA, Pablo Escobar, and George H. W. Bush

Watching The Hawks Sean Stone discusses the wild world of Pablo Escobar and his alleged collusion with the CIA with author and prison activist Shaun Attwood.