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Do you have lizard brain?


You know how sometimes, it seems like no one hears what you are saying or when you ask for something to be a certain way or to be changed nothing happens?  172 more words


The Blessing is Outside Your Comfort Zone

The title of this post is taken from an OnBeing interview with Ashley Hicks, co-founder of Black Girls RUN!. Buying new running shoes for her second marathon she tells the salesman that she is nervous and concerned about the upcoming race. 366 more words

"Madam Secretary" characters as coaching metaphors

If you’re familiar with the CBS hit TV show Madam Secretary, then you’ll recognize the major differences in problem solving between two of the main characters: Elizabeth McCord (Madam Secretary played by Tea Leoni) and Russell Jackson (POTUS’s Chief of Staff played by Zeljko Ivan). 553 more words

Life Coaching

My "Inner Lizard" Tucker

The part of your brain (and all animals’ brains, really) that is responsible for your “Fight or Flight” instincts scientists have nicknamed the “reptilian brain.” It’s what is always on alert for an “attack” and identifies what is in “lack.” While it was useful back in humankind’s earliest history to survive, in our current culture it is the major source of an individual’s suffering. 716 more words


Master Emotional Intelligence Today! shared by Practical Psychology

A prerequisite to empathy is simply paying attention to the person in pain.

-Daniel Goleman-

Is venting always a good idea? Can distracting my mind until I’m able to deal with my emotions be a better tactic? 180 more words

A Wise Life