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Attack of the Lizard Brain!

We’ve all been there! So close to a major breakthrough that you can smell it. You’ve put in the work, done the research and now you’re getting ready to hold the big celebration party. 372 more words

Your Lizard-Brain and You

If you don’t know what the title means, you’re probably not alone. Your “lizard-brain” is that primitive, subconscious bit at the back of your mind that gives voice to life’s little red-yellow-green warning system: fight it — run from it — mate with it. 328 more words

Writing Thoughts

Lectionary Sermon for February 18 2018 on Mark 1: 9-15

Hard-wired for Temptation
The writer of the Gospel of Mark tells us that the same Jesus, who we now talk of as the Son of God, started out by spending more than a month in the wilderness struggling with his temptations. 2,213 more words


If You're Not Feeling the Christmas Spirit

Two days before Christmas, I’m reminded that it’s not the happiest time of year for many people. Between finding (and paying for) the “perfect” gifts and bracing yourself for family dynamics (let’s face it, no one knows how to push your buttons like family members)…it may be easy to look at the happy-happy-joy-joy social media posts of others and begin to “compare and despair.” (It’s an MBI coaching term for comparing your insides to someone else’s outsides.) 568 more words



Hi there!

During the Paleozoic era, in the Devonian period,
around 370 million years ago, the first amphibians
developed from the bony fish,  whose fins evolved… 608 more words


Lizard Brain, False Reality and the Death of Dreams

The lizard brain can seriously inhibit intelligent decision-making. It’s not that the decision will even sound wrong, under the circumstances it might well be the right thing to do. 114 more words


Dare I Call Myself a Writer?

We all have insecurities…that little lizard brain in our head that says, “You’re not good enough.” Mine goes even further to say, “Your blog is a cute hobby and all, but you can’t seriously think that anyone would pay you to type out what’s in your head, right?” Like your lizard brain, mine is well-intentioned. 298 more words