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Day #949:"Staying Stupid Don’t think. Act.”

I have always wondered what Steve Jobs really meant everytime he used the expression ‘ Stay hungry, Stay foolish’. The ‘Stay hungry’ part is not a big deal. 377 more words


What the Lizard Brain Says. Do the Opposite.

You know how some people call it the elephant? I’m gonna call it the Lizard brain.

When something in your head tells you that there’s a million other things to worry about? 257 more words

Self Therapy

Pushing Through the Resistance

Why is it so difficult to make a change in your lifestyle?  Why is it so difficult to take action on what’s in your best interest?  554 more words

Fear of Failing is Your only Failure

Failure is a bad word. We avoid it like the plague. Even the thought of it makes us cringe. This may surprise you, but all of this is the wrong reaction. 511 more words


Lizard Boy

Yay! I have two anniversaries to celebrate this week. Yesterday, Nov. 26, it’s been a year and 4 months that I’ve been sober. Also, my brother and I came to the US 41 years ago on Nov. 60 more words

Lizard or lover? What’s your response to Paris?

“Absolutely everything is available to us — sorrow and joy, grievance and forgiveness, horror and transcendence — it’s all on the menu. It’s up to us where we put our attention.”—Josh Radnor… 346 more words

When the Boss is an Un-Linchpin

Antithesis of Linchpin

Motivationally speaking, I am totally wiped out.

I have been told every which way west of Sunday: Just teach the minimum. That’s all we’re doing here. 457 more words