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Master Emotional Intelligence Today! shared by Practical Psychology

A prerequisite to empathy is simply paying attention to the person in pain.

-Daniel Goleman-

Is venting always a good idea? Can distracting my mind until I’m able to deal with my emotions be a better tactic? 180 more words

A Wise Life

Review - Raising Caine (Tales of the Terran Republic Book 3) by Charles E. Gannon

Rating: 7.0 (out of 10)

In my review for Fire with Fire, the first book in this series, I expressed that Gannon’s brand of science fiction was old-fashioned in the best and worst sense of that term. 458 more words

Mid Course Monthly Evaluation

This past week was challenging in terms of pursuing goals. Although I have successfully kept track of my efforts by logging progress nightly, I’ve recorded a lot of goose eggs. 604 more words

Triggers & Threats

Those that have read most of my often meandering explorations into things more esoteric will know that I refer to my amygdala, the pair of almond shaped bits of the limbic system that regulate emotional response, as my lizard brain. 814 more words

Exploring Ideas

CRANKY - day 130 - 132 in a year of.....

Day 130 -132, December 4, 2016 @10:37 am

The sun has finally shown up. My dining table is still in order. My magic black bullet is next to me. 298 more words


A neuro-exploration of the ever-present bluster of Trump brand, and how Donald Trump effectively used it as a shorthand for choice to the White House… 3,086 more words