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What are you Afraid of?

It is no surprise to anyone that we live in a culture of fear. For the first time we actually have most of our needs met. 1,015 more words


What is the best way to stop bullies?

Questions kept popping up after my video on bullying:

Why do the anti-bullying programs seem to be ineffective, and sometimes even exacerbate the problem? Is there a good way to stop bullies? 1,108 more words

Martial Arts

Mud stuck

You’re working, working, working. Writing, writing, writing. Making, making, making.

And then all of the sudden – BAM – you’re stuck. The working, writing and making grind to a splattering, muddy halt. 161 more words

Personal Growth

The Lizard and the Goat

Anxiety disorders are a strange sort of creature.  I personify them as something creature-like because the disorders themselves can go from being manageable and small to monstrous and overpowering.   1,468 more words


The Best Possible Follow-up to That Blog I Wrote About That Poem I Wrote

The one I rambled about here? I got an email over the weekend from Australian Poetry Journal asking for a bio to go with the poem because they want to publish it in (I think) the July issue of… 95 more words

I Would Like To Recommend These People's Writing

Rage Against the Green Bean

As someone who was born into a loving family that lived in a prosperous country during a fairly enlightened historical period, I have rarely had to use that most basic lizard part of my brain. 809 more words


Like a Gecko, but not the cool, insurance company one.

There are times it is worth it, to dig my heels in as a teacher.  There are times it is important to demonstrate that I am the adult, that I am in charge, that I am strong.  907 more words

Emotional Disturbance