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No windup

I do four kinds of exercise: play squash, run, swim, and do yoga. A more accurate portrayal is that I mostly play squash, and do the other three every so often. 325 more words


Why do we Facebook-lurk our exes?

I’m gonna blather now about something a lot of us do, some of us admit, and few have taken the time to rationalize: Facebook-lurking our exes. 930 more words

Feelings And Crap

Self-Sabotage, Lizard Brain, Rat Park Experiment

“It’s not like I’m shooting myself in the foot,” said Whitney. “It’s more like I’m using my entire body for target practice. With guns in both hands.” 368 more words

How fear influences our take on reality

People aren’t rational animals… far from it. As much as we like to think that we make decisions based on facts and common sense, we typical determine our actions and beliefs through emotion and preconceived notions. 442 more words


Ignoring the lizard brain

My beloved mother will die from pancreatic cancer. Her time in this life is being measured in months. I will write more about this in the future as I have so much to share about my mother’s journey towards the inevitable we all face. 503 more words


Either because we’re still new to the dance or for other personal reasons, we often tango while in a state of fear.

Our limbic systems, also commonly referred to as the “lizard brain,” doesn’t like uncertainty. 209 more words

Argentine Tango

Day #949:"Staying Stupid Don’t think. Act.”

I have always wondered what Steve Jobs really meant everytime he used the expression ‘ Stay hungry, Stay foolish’. The ‘Stay hungry’ part is not a big deal. 377 more words