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After the Interview /面接の後

It’s been a few weeks since we had the interview for our marriage process.
Now I have some update to tell you guys!
So here is the next step after the interview. 279 more words


There and Back again, A Language Journey.

I admit I have not been very good at keeping goals and I have failed more than once to achieve my language goals. However, I have been in Japan for more than a quarter of a year now and I have already gotten the go-ahead to stay for more than a year, so it’s definitely now or never. 617 more words


Side Note: Hakai


(Hey guys!)


(This week I finished making a new game! It’s called “Hakai”, meaning “destruction”. It’s simple and fun, so please give it a try!) 46 more words


Soylent Review: ソイレントレビュー

I love food and I love to eat, but in all honesty eating 3 meals a day takes up a lot of my money and time. 291 more words


Even Japanese people get stumped by Kanji

Another great video by Yuta—- he’s quite transparent in the fact that these aren’t ‘hand picked’ interviews; he tries to get strangers on the street to answer his questions about Japanese language and culture.   14 more words

Language Learning

レクシスジャパンのアクティビティ Activities at Lexis Japan!


At Lexis Japan, we provide different kinds of after class activities for the students. Many of the exchange students learning Japanese participate in the activities, but the students taking the English courses are also welcome to join them. 156 more words



大学時代、よく無料で参加できて、食べられるイベントを探しました。インド部活がDiwali(ディワル)を祝いした時、私はインド料理を初めて食べました!食べ物はIndia Palace(インディア・パレス)からで、そのオレンジのアンブロシアを食べて以来、ずっとカレーについて考えます。夏休みも両親に何回も「インド料理はどうですか」と聞きました。



ポカラランチ 800円

サクラランチ 910円

レディーズランチ 1150円

バンチャランチ 1350円

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