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My Montessori Story

This was my entrance essay for the AMS Early Childhood Training, it gives a brief overview about why I chose to become a Montessorian.

I was introduced to the Montessori method as an older elementary age child, after spending K-4th grade in public school. 635 more words

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Spiritual Preparation

The real preparation for education is a study of one’s self. The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than the learning of ideas. 603 more words

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Bells: Introducing Tactile Mobiles

Kate has noticed her hands! She spends long periods of time observing them, puts them in her mouth, and uses them to bat at objects that come close enough for her to touch.   176 more words

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The Dancers Mobile (Montessori Visual Mobile Series)

The Dancers Mobile is the 4th mobile in the Visual Mobile Series. It is traditionally incorporated from 10-14 weeks, and it the last one that I am planning to use with our daughter. 162 more words

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'Tis the season! Gifts for Montessori Babies

I am blessed with a family that is curious and supportive of our Montessori journey with our daughter, which has led to a common question this Christmas season: “What kind of gifts can I get for Kate that are Montessori approved?” So, here is a list of Montessori-friendly gifts for a 0-12 month old, as well as a brief explanation of how and why they fit into Maria’s philosophy. 1,287 more words

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The Gobbi Mobile (Montessori Visual Mobile Series)

Good Morning! Today I have another mobile to share with you, the beautiful Gobbi Mobile, which is the third mobile in the Visual Mobile Series recommended in Montessori From the Start.   221 more words

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The Octahedron Mobile (Montessori Visual Mobile Series)

Continuing with my series on Montessori Infant Mobiles, I’d like to share the Octahedron Mobile with you today!

Octahedron Mobile (5-8 weeks )

The Octahedron mobile is the second mobile to be introduced in the visual mobile series. 132 more words

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