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Baby: Newborn (0-3 Month) Top Products

I always find these kind of posts/videos useful and I know I researched a lot during my pregnancy. I won’t list the obvious things, like a crib, pram/carseat, nappies etc but everyday things that have really helped my first 3 months as a Mummy. 1,403 more words

Baby Girl

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful of Breastfeeding

It’s World Breastfeeding Week and once again I have a little nursling who wakes me every few hours at night, and who reminds me to sit down every few hours during the day and just be. 529 more words

10 Ridiculous Things Parents Will Do to for a Few Minutes of Sleep

This past week parenting publications everywhere commenced a full-on freak out about the new Lulla doll, and the fact that incredibly overtired parents everywhere were willing to shell out $100+ bucks for it. 1,163 more words


The Global OB Fee Trap: How to Find and Fight It

I usually write in this blog about babies and breastfeeding and potty training and other cute and gross and funny and sentimental things. So I apologize in advance for this one. 1,979 more words


Bedtime routine (2.5 months)

Bedtime routine của nhà tớ để Bánh Mì có thể ngủ thẳng cẳng từ 10h tối đến 9h sáng hôm sau từ lúc 2,5 tháng tuổi: 519 more words



The thoughts of a Father of Twins

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0-3 Months

Babies on a Plane

If you’ve ever flown on Southwest airlines, then you know about their innovative and unique seating system. The way it works is you check in online for your flight exactly 24 hours before takeoff, and based on how fast your clicker finger is, you get assigned a letter and a number. 1,974 more words