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Monthly Update: Month One

Weight, Length, Height: Okay so at 39 weeks pregnant I was 14 stone, and had 2 weeks of growth left. At birth, Robin weighed 9lb 1oz, dropped to 8lb 4oz before starting to gain again. 602 more words

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The Second Time

We’re only two weeks in but it’s all so very different. And I don’t just mean because I’ve done it before.

No, I don’t mean things like she sleeps more than he did. 160 more words

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The Failure of Those First Few Weeks

I had felt like I was over the first few weeks of Elvis’ life. The few weeks where I hated everything. where I was desperate for some sleep, where I actually kind of wanted to send my son back or have him returned to me as a toddler. 1,282 more words

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Two Nights In

Robin was born on Sunday night and I fought for discharge by Monday evening. I missed Elvis, didn’t want to spend more time away from him and I co-sleep with newborns which hospitals frown on so I… 339 more words

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A is for apple...

Simple boxy shape cardigan in a pure cotton yarn for baby aged 0-3 months, with wide sleeves and two-button fastening – all designed to make it easy for dressing baby. 67 more words


Parenting Wisdom of Star Trek Deep Space Nine

I’m currently watching Deep Space Nine, Season 4 episode 17 and there has just been a scene between Julian Bashir and Miles O’Brien. I’ll try and find a transcript later, but the jist of what O’Brien just said was: “Well, now that Molly (his and his wife’s pre-school daughter) is a year older, I was hoping to spend more time with Keiko (his wife). 325 more words

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essentials for baby: 0-3 months

so, i know a lot of lists like these exist already but i wanted to share the things that were essential to me the first 3 months of my little ones life. 551 more words