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Packing the Diaper Bag

The contents of my diaper bag has changed as Clarissa grows.

When she was small, and we were still living in Virginia, I had a normal diaper bag. 121 more words

Mom Life

Shop Small - Spring Edition

If you know me, you know that I could care less about my clothes. My standard “uniform” consists of jeans and some kind of drape-y shirt. 513 more words

Soft Books

First “book” review! I put the word book in quotations because this is really more of a toy review, since these soft, squishy, crinkly books have been used more as toys than as works of children’s literature. 395 more words

Children's Books

The Things We Don't Say

I got into “mommy blogging” by accident. When I got pregnant with Mia I started a (private) blog as a way to keep my parents and close family up-to-date on the goings-on of my pregnancy. 1,071 more words

0-3 Months

When Shit Gets Real

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a miracle. Almost as beautiful as the miracle of an epidural.

But after the dust settles (literally, all over the living room), the family members leave and everyone else on the planet resumes their normal life – mothers are left with a very tiny, very demanding, very ungrateful little life-form whose sole purpose is to prevent others from sleeping at all costs. 413 more words

Big Sister Mia

When you’re pregnant with your second child there are two questions that everyone (yes, everyone) asks you.

  1. Are you ready?
  2. What does think about the baby?
  3. 888 more words

You're Gonna Miss This

There’s a country song that my dad loves to quote for me every time I get ahead of myself.

Like when I decided to move to Maine at 17 to live with my aunt and uncle at their summer home and wait tables to save for school. 568 more words