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Dolce & Gabbana headphones $7,000

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“Evidently, Ms. Duque recently saw a Dolce & Gabbana advertisement on the side of a taxi for their recent showing at Milan Fashion Week featuring a picture of one of the models wearing headphones very much like those she constructed for her photographic series. 16 more words

Headphone Over Ear

More than 200 City Year Chicago Corps Members get a Jumpstart through Comcast NBCUniversal Career Day

Event marks 10,000th City Year AmeriCorps members to experience the program…

To help City Year corps members transition from their year of service to the next step in their professional journeys, Comcast NBCUniversal hosted more than 200 City Year Chicago corps members during Comcast NBCUniversal Career Day, held on Friday, April 17th at Price Elementary School.  927 more words


December 20, 1989 is a day of infamy for the people of Panama. On that day, the most powerful military in the world descended on a poor black communities in the middle of Panama City and carried out one of the most brutal war crimes ever committed in the late 20th century. Many in the U.S. have forgotten or never even knew that when George H. Bush ordered U.S. troops into Panama, Panamanians experienced their version of 9/11. By the time the carnage ended a few weeks later, U.S soldiers had murdered more than 3,000 Panamanians – changing the lives of Panamanians forever. The attack was  a brazen expression of ‘cowboy justice’ by a rogue state that took no heed of international constraints and instead took it upon itself to carry out an “arrest” of General Manuel Antonio Noriega, the De facto head of the sovereign state of Panama. In the process of this “arrest,” the largely black community of El Chorillo, with a population of more than 25,000, was decimated by the U.S. military. Entire neighborhoods were destroyed in an act that predated and mirrored the destruction of Fallujah that would take place some twenty five years later in Iraq. Reports from human rights organizations indicated that beyond the attack, which in itself constituted a war crime, U.S. troops committed numerous other war crimes, from summary executions to the wanton destruction of civilian property and the failure to distinguish between civilian and military targets. (Finish Reading Below)

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Jon Rappoport - Australia: Refuse Vaccination, Lose $15,000 - 16 April 2015

Australia: refuse vaccination, lose $15,000

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a moron

Watch what’s happening in Australia. Something like it could be coming to your front door. 923 more words


Functional Apple I Computer Up for Auction on eBay with 10% Going to Charity

A functional Apple I computer built in 1976 with add-ons including the original Apple I cassette interface board is currently being auctioned off on eBay with a portion of the final sale price being earmarked for charity. 84 more words

Boss sets minimum salary starting at $70,000 for entire company

SEATTLE, WA(WPMT) The boss of a Seattle based company has set the minimum starting wage at $70,000 for the entire company.

Dan Price, the head of Gravity Payments, is doing it because he is aware of  the difficulties of making $40,000 a year. 47 more words


WATCH: A Company Created a Robot That Can Cook 2,000 Different Meals

If you’ve managed to make it this far in life without learning how to cook, just hold out for two more years and you’re golden. 134 more words