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New McD Voice Over


Steve is now with ” Idiom Worldwide Voice-over Artists, ┬áListen to the new McD.com voice over by Steve Leeds


Director Steve Leeds walks his actors and crew through the final stunt action

In “Perceptions” a mysterious stalking and threatening case for a handicapped laboratory worker,(Dawn Grabowski a real handicapped actress and writer of this film) Director Steve Leeds walks his actors and the crew through the final stunt action steps where both the handicapped star and her assailant fight into a very real deep pool in the final scenes of this film. 10 more words


E.R. Series Guest Starring Steve Leeds as Dr. David Tellez

Dr. David Tellez of “The ER.”. Played by Actor Steve Leeds. A character actor so convincing, he is unrecognizable from one character to the next. 31 more words



“”A powerful dramatic and comedic character actor Steve Leeds, best known as a successful stunt man, found himself acting and never looked back. A cross between Joe Pesci and Jason Alexander as Costanza, Steve dissapears into his character. 103 more words