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006 - Mother, Giving Birth

TN: Thanks to Phony, I got the raw to this chapter! This is to her!

Editor : Poor_Hero

” Gkyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ”

Such was the pain that I almost fainted. 324 more words

I've Been Reincarnted

006 - The Fact That I'm Alive (Chiffon's POV)

TN: @Amash brought to my attention that I am seemingly translating the digest version.

This is my mistake of not researching properly before translating, for this I apologize. 3,574 more words

I've Been Reincarnted

Two’s Company - Parktana



Who – Parker and Santana

When – 9 am, Tue, 9th, March 2016

What – Parker heads over to Santana’s room for some much needed alone time.

6 more words