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Belvedere Vodka Launches The Official Belvedere 007™ Martini

LONDON, Dec. 7, 2017 — Belvedere Vodka, the world’s original luxury vodka, is thrilled to be partnering with EON Productions to bring James Bond’s iconic “shaken, not stirred” cocktail to the finest lounges around the world. 165 more words


Movie Review: The Man With The Golden Gun

When you have done many movies with the same hero there comes a time when the audience asks “when is the hero going to meet it’s match, it’s equal, someone who can match him or her.” Well this may be one of the closet answers to said question in the next Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun.” It is not the best Bond film, however the villain has gone down in history as one of the best. 273 more words


As Opposed to Fleming: James Bond Films

An explosion; someone gets shot: they fall down a cliff. Action, chaos, shooting, a man whose face we cannot see; voices, shouting. A chase is in progress, a “thing” has been captured by the man with no face. 1,101 more words


Top 5 actors that could & should be the next James Bond – The Chairman’s View

With all the allegations of sexual harassment in the industry maybe a look at cinema’s most famous sexual predator is in order.

I feel strongly that the Daniel Craig rendition of James Bond should come to a swift end,  Sam Mendes and all. 315 more words

Big Screen Hooligans

Comic book review: "Solstice" - Merry Christmas, 007.

After having referenced the Dynamite Entertainment comic series a few times in the blog’s early months, we’ve been rather quiet on that front for some time, so here is a quick review to assuage the readers’ appetites (no 1,500-2,000 word article this week!). 887 more words


Dr. Nogg: Thanksgiving and Her Majesty's Secret Service (Los Harrow 2017)

The CRT TV is on, I don’t know what was on before. There’s a man on the screen. His face is tan, he’s handsome but the kind of handsome that comes from age and a life of hard living. 521 more words