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Are You Saving Enough?

A recent study, lead by Fidelity Investments Retirement Savings Assessment, found four out of ten retired households report not having sufficient income to cover their monthly expenses. 449 more words


April 30: Doomsday Radio

I subbed for Matt E to produce his Doomsday Radio with a The Liz twist. It begins with lots o jazz to honor Matt, jazz fulla drums and whimsy to please my own aural palate. 410 more words

Break Your Radio

April 25

Bruce Haack teaches children about spiders through the universal medium of music.

Aren’t Hungarian stand-up comics hi-larious? Speaking of which, who takes the stage name “Dick Hyman”? 241 more words

Break Your Radio

April 11

The return of the cockatiel training album! Ensure that you position your bird close to the speakers during this show. My aim is to have your pet whistling tunes at any speed you desire (so long as your speed of choice corresponds to 33 1/3, 45, or 78 revolutions per minute). 344 more words

Break Your Radio

April 4

Shh!  No talking at all during the show!  Me, I mean.  DJ The Liz does not sully the music with her admittedly mellifluous vocalizations.  Which makes  202 more words

Break Your Radio


Fluttering through fields
Buzzing between blue blossoms
Soaring in sunset



A denim blue sky
Corduroy yellow cornfields
Drifting fleece white clouds