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A film about two sisters much better than A Tale of Two Sisters.

I came across this while flipping through channels. Unfortunately for me, I saw this on Cinema One and was forced to listen to the Filipino-dubbed version. 52 more words

Meat Grinder

The Midnight Meat Train and Grace are nothing compared to this gore-fest.

By the title itself, one can already imagine the graphic nature of this film.  49 more words

Coming Soon

Coming Soon will be showing soon!

I know, I know. Someone had to say it.

Either way, it seems like a really good movie. I just merely wanted to share my excitement upon coming across this trailer. 14 more words

The Last Session

Serving as the last film for the class, Session 9 was quite underwhelming. Maybe i fit were shown sometime midway in the sem, maybe it could’ve been great. 207 more words

The Descent

Twenty minutes into the movie, in a moment of genuinely claustrophobic terror, a traumatized young woman trapped within a body of rock was told to relax because it seems that worst thing that could happen to her has already happened. 212 more words

Connecting Lives: Literally

A brilliant surgeon with a penchant for connecting various parts of human anatomies is the fiend in this film; yet a Frankenstein rip-off this definitely is not. 344 more words

Someone Kill Me Now

Any movie that opens with 54 young school girls jumping off a train platform, head-on to a moving train, can’t be all that bad. Right? No. 287 more words