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EDTECH 543: Initial thoughts

What are you initial reactions about joining these social networks for use in this course?

I have joined the EDTECH 543 Facebook group, Twitter, and Diigo group today. 301 more words

1.3 Instructional Strategies

Online Course

The main project for this course is to design and develop a fully online course. It could be addressed for any age level, on any topic, and any size audience. 163 more words

1.3 Instructional Strategies

Design Document

I have created a design document as the initial process to develop a completely online course for high school students on Independence and Conditional Probability. 7 more words

1.3 Instructional Strategies

Project #5: Worked Example Screencast

For my worked example screencast, I chose to create three different examples for an online Google Apps for Educators course that I teach. I created three different ones because they all cover different topics within the realm of Google Apps. 109 more words

3.1 Media Utilization

EdTech 542: Criticisms of PBL

What are some potential criticisms that you might receive from administrators, parents, and colleagues?

There are many reasons for criticisms of different instructional methods. According to Andrew Provan (2011),  the are many differences between “idealized PBL” and “actual PBL.” 398 more words


Haiku Deck Presentation

My Haiku Deck presentation can be found HERE!

In my junior high math classroom, I have seen struggling students and the negative impact that this has on their self-esteem. 208 more words