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How People Learn: My “Mash-up” Learning Theory

I have been thinking about coming up with my own “mash-up” learning theory for about a month. I am a constructivist, especially a social constructivist. I am also a fan of digital learning and connectivism principles. 419 more words

1.3 Instructional Strategies

Roleplaying Community Exploration in Second Life

I prepared myself for a big trip to role playing communities in Second Life (SL). First, I selected my destinations. Second, I dressed in a new outfit for the trip. 623 more words

1.3 Instructional Strategies

Does PBL Require an Authentic Audience?

The audience plays a significant role in Project-based Learning as the processes and products should either reflect or connect to the outside world. According Larmer ( 294 more words


History of Graphics in Video games

Let us look at the history of graphics in video games as we go through the following games.

Pong: Pong is one of the earliest arcade video games that use simple two-dimensional graphics. 2,095 more words

1.3 Instructional Strategies

Gaming in the Calssroom

I have looked at the gaming in the classroom infographic given by onlineschools.com. I agree with incorporating electronic games in classrooms. I say this mainly because students are interested in electronic games. 132 more words

1.3 Instructional Strategies

Possible PBL Projects

I studied a plethora of PBL projects across science. Some of the common elements were

  • An entry event with a driving question related to a real-world problem that covers significant content, often multidisciplinary, and motivates a “need to know”
  • 680 more words

A visit to the Virtual Hallucinations space in Second Life

I visited the virtual hallucinations space in Second Life. You can use the following link to teleport there, if you have a Second Life account. 188 more words

1.3 Instructional Strategies