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EDTech 542: PBL Course Reflection

After completing this course I now have a greater understanding of Project Based Learning versus just assigning a project. In a project based learning model the instructor acts more like a coach and the students are finding their path through the content through discovery. 304 more words

1.3 Instructional Strategies

EdTech 541: Final Reflection

As I look back over the course, I see that I have accomplished a great deal. Beginning with a vision of technology integration. I started to think about what technology in my classroom should look like. 700 more words


My Game Model

I have incorporated various elements to the game Gone Home to develop the game On Job , an effective game-based, market competitive, learning game to teach workplace soft skills. 15 more words

1.3 Instructional Strategies

EDTECH 513: Coherence Principle

The Coherence Principle


According to Clark & Mayer, the coherence principle may be the single most important of those presented.  In summary, it basically states to not over do it with extra unrelated graphics, sound, and media.   452 more words

2.3 Computer-Based Technologies

Multidisciplinary PBL

Integrating other disciplines into project based learning is a great way to help students make connections between content areas, transfer skills between disciplines and think holistically. 348 more words


Sploder Game Types

There are five different kids of Sploder games. They are platformer games, physics puzzle maker, 3D mission creator, classic shooter, and retro arcade.

Platformer Games… 752 more words

1.3 Instructional Strategies

How People Learn: My “Mash-up” Learning Theory

I have been thinking about coming up with my own “mash-up” learning theory for about a month. I am a constructivist, especially a social constructivist. I am also a fan of digital learning and connectivism principles. 419 more words

1.3 Instructional Strategies