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beach volley ball

today in p.e we played beach volley ball

three things that effected my participation were peers, equipment and challenge.

peers effected my participation as i didn’t want to feel like the odd one out and i didn’t want to be alone so i stayed with my friends and did what they did, which wasn’t much which then lead me on to not contributing much to the game volley ball. 180 more words

P.e 2016

BLOG 15: Turbo touch #1 Assessment

to improve my participation i would try and set up for more try’s as i felt apart of the team once i had achieved this and try and score a try for myself if i am in the correct position

BLOG 14: Turbo touch #2 - assessment

to improve my participation i would just practice with my friends until i felt comfortable to join in the actual game.

BLOG 13: Crossfit assessment

to improve my participation i wouldn’t of help it on the wet fields but i understand that the gyms where already booked out and next time i would try and see if i could push myself further if i took it a bit more seriously during the fitness training practice lessons.

BLOG 12: Crossfit practice

to improve my participation i would not have the assessment out on the courts as it was quite uncomfortable to know that a lot of other students are watching even though it didn’t matter once we had started.

BLOG 11: Crossfit preparation

to improve my participation i would after we had run through them as a class i would work on my correct positions i should be in if i am going to do the excursuses and making sure i do it properly.

fitness P.E 1.1

Why have you placed yourself at this level? Give supporting evidence. (Use the criteria from ‘Resource A’)

I placed myself at Merit because I tried my best and push myself to my maximum to get a high grade and to test my fitness levels. 331 more words