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Pterodactylus antiquus

The Pterodactyl. Not really a dinosaur. Not big enough to ride on. Wrong for your kids. Wrong for America. 1.1/5


Buy Diphenidine for research lab



  • DEP
  • 1-(1,2-diphenylethyl)piperidine
  • Diphenidine is a homeomorph of the NMDA receptor channel blocker, MK 801, that has been identified as a designer drug.1 The (S)- and (R)- enantiomers of diphenidine have been reported to inhibit MK 801 binding to NMDA receptors in rat brain membranes with Ki values of 0.13 and 5.25 µM, respectively.1 It has been studied as a neuroprotective agent for the treatment of brain injury following hypoxia.2 This product is intended for forensic and research applications.
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I don’t understand why this is a thing. Aside from that hilarious thing that google maps does when you ask it to give you directions to Hawaii (“Swim across the Pacific Ocean”) I have never had to swim to get anywhere. 33 more words


The Archive (1.1)

There are no easily accessible textile archives that I could find in Hobart. I decided to use textiles from a shop called Wafu Works. They source antique japanese textiles and other things from auction lots in Japan. 216 more words



This is a film that attempts to answer the question “What if Peter Pan grew up into non-cocainey Robin Williams?” I don’t remember what the answer was. 29 more words