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Flag Day

This is one of those days everyone forgets because, like, every two weeks in the summer there’s some kind of thing everyone has to put up American flags for but no one gets the day off for this one. 50 more words



Attached is a PowerPoint with all pre production work, research and health and safety information.

Project 2 work reference document 1


Cyclops has two eyes, and is known as “Cyclops.” Meanwhile, Odin, Nick Fury, and Cyclops’s brother have one eye each, and they are known as “Odin,” “Nick Fury,” and “not Havok, the other one.”His mutant power is that he fires something called concussive force blasts out of his eyes. 15 more words



The way I know I’m not a  Millennial (aside from the fact that this is, you know, a blog) is that I don’t understand the deal with Minecraft, even a little. 55 more words


FMP - Research

Questions for Interview: These are the questions I shall be asking a group of people the following questions, aiming for simple answers. The reason for this is because I want the simplistic images of the words the say. 294 more words

Research Planning

What is my FMP?

My FMP is a online photography story book throughout someones live via their eyes. It will start from their birth, first sights, to the point where they are old enough to leave the nest and start out on their own life for uni/work. 362 more words