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1.1.2 How my project fits into my interests

This project matches my interest in portraiture  and lifestyle photography with children but it is also challenges me as I am incorporating studio work into my test and final shots. 131 more words


Week 6 dev diary Term 3

Haunted shack

I know it stills says Haunted shack haven’t changed it because it stands out and easy to see.

I have been looking at possible flight paths that would go over the pacific and arrived at the flight paths from Tokyo Japan to USA California. 1,758 more words


One To What?(One)

What makes a function one to one is a function f from a to b. Whenever f(a)=f(b) then a=b. No element of b is the image of more than one element in a. 137 more words



Secondary research

I am looking at other horror games in shack like environments to use as inspiration and advise myself what I should add inside if I did not do this I may place incorrect content and it would ruin the project. 367 more words