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Interval Training

The two factors that affected my performance for interval training was that I stretched before doing the three sets of different fitness activity such as push ups, sit ups, prone holds, star jumps and more I think that stretching would of helped because it loosens up the body which would of helped with my flexibility and that would of of made me do more for each set and would of felt more comfortable. 571 more words


Fitness Summary

  1. Explain what you enjoyed most about this activity area and why?                         i enjoyed doing the interval training the most because i found it the most enjoyable out of them all…
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Fitness - Run

Last lesson of fitness the class had to complete a 5.5km run around the estuary to Kingsway school and back within 40mins.

Two factors which affected my participation in the 5.5km run were pushing my body to its physical and mental limits and challenging with injurys. 131 more words


Fitness - interval training

Interval training – Push ups, crunches, planks, star jumps, planks, burpee’s, tricep dips, side plank and wall sit – 8 x 40m sprints in 8 seconds… 123 more words


Fitness beep test

For the second lesson of fitness we had the beep test

One of the two factors which affected my participation were sense of achievement and challenging. 163 more words



For our last activity we had to do a similar activity to the first as we had to run from one of the courts and then do a certain workout that the Mr Ashton randomly picked eg. 124 more words


Recording sheet

Final grade excellance : score 358