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Week 1- Fitness 

This week we started the fitness unit of P.E this term. We did exercises in the weights room for our legs mostly, calfs and thighs. Also did a run and played some touch rugby. 151 more words



The beep test (fitness)


Factor 1: challenge to day it was a challenge becuase in the beep test its all about try ing to beat my score and go harder, so this affected my participation becuase I made me go harder and start to exercise properly and get tired which is what you want to do. 95 more words



Fitness run to the wharf


Factor 1: injury today it’s was hard for me to do the run to the wharf becuase I had a previous injury skiing which resulted in very sore shins so when I was running it was hard for me to go fast and start sweating and excercising properly but I have still given myself an good grade becuase I had friend as best as I cloud on the day to go as hard as I could. 90 more words


P.e ABL 3


Today we played a game that involved teams and Lilly pads the game was to get to the other side without touching the ground. The factors that effected my participation was the competition and because I was with my friends. 48 more words