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ACTIVITY: Running My level of effort and engagement today was (Please circle).

Not Achieved Achieved Merit

2. Why have you placed yourself at this level?(Use the criteria from Resource1) Because I did try but I know I can try harder so I didn’t place my self at merit… 122 more words


Fitness summary

What I enjoyed most about this activity was pushing myself in to doing the hard work outs.

The only experience and prior knowledge I had with this was doing fitness at home and the years before at school. 148 more words


Athletics summary

I enjoyed the discuss and triple jump the most in this activity area because I was never really good at them before/never done them so when I practiced a bit and became alright at it it made me quite happy so I practiced on them a lot. 136 more words


ABL summary

The things I enjoyed the most about this activity area was just that all the activities were very relaxed.

I had no experience or prior knowledge at all for the activities we did. 133 more words


Athletics lesson 3

This lesson we did long jump and triple jump. I did both of these activities as I was using them both as part of my scoring. 83 more words


Athletics lesson 2[

In this lesson we did the discuss, shotput, and javelin. I only did the shotput and discuss though as that was all I needed to record for my points. 63 more words


Athletics lesson 1

In this lesson we did the 100m sprint, and a few other runs. I only did the 100m sprint though as that was one of my activitites I was recording for. 68 more words