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The Real World

The Real World? The Real World? The real world is heartburn, and unpaid bills, and laundry, and oil changes, and voting, and jock itch, and dead relatives and sick kids. 47 more words



Wait. Avocados grow on trees? For real? That doesn’t seem right. Everything with avocados I’ve ever eaten that wasn’t guacamole was pretty gross, but maybe they’re so smooshy and gross because they keep falling out of trees they have no business being in. 1.1/5


Market Positioning

Market Positioning – deciding exactly what image you are trying to create for your products relative to its rivals

Consumers may look at the product according to the USP, or the benefits it offers etc… 269 more words


Market Research

Product Orientation – an approach to making decisions that considers internal factors before worrying about market changes. Businesses focus on their own key strengths and can lead to revolutionary ideas… 366 more words


The Market

Market – the name given to the trading of goods/services

Mass Markets – Sell their products to all consumers and markets them in the same way. 420 more words


Year 8 and 9 Meeting

A small part of my duties as a teacher is not only to engage with colleagues to share ideas and information regarding best practice, but also to knowing and complying with the codes of conduct within the organisation. 591 more words